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Microsoft Unbans Xbox 360′s. Anonymous Rumoured To Be Cause

Reports were coming in today that banned consoles were suddenly being unbanned, and were therefore able to get back online.

The biggest of the claims came from the famous – for the wrong reasons – DJ Keemster, who has had a total of 15 console bans.

Rumours suggested that this mass unbanning stemmed from Microsoft being threatened by Anonymous, the group who have brought Sony to their knee’s.

For those not following the ongoing story, the infamous group Aonymous began launching attacks against Sony for their lawsuit against George Hotz who discovered and released a method to “Hack” into the Playstation 3 console, giving him near complete access and allowing him to run pirated games and other do many other things. Anonymous are more specifically attacking Sony due to them gaining access to the IP address of anyone who visited the blog George Hotz opened to track his progress. Anonymous called this action ‘offensive against free speech and internet freedom’

Anonymous then launched numerous attacks against Sony websites, and again proving that Sony were near helpless to stop them.

Rumour also suggested that Anonymous were behind the recent downing of the PSN Network – now down for six days and counting – however, Anonymous deny claims that they are responsible and stated that Sony were simply using the attacks as a smokescreen for this failure.

At this point in time it’s not known whether Aonymous did threaten Microsoft, but the consoles that were unbanned have now be rebanned with no official statement given, and none likely to be.

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