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Battlefield Hasn’t Beaten Call Of Duty Yet

With Battlefield 3 being out for over a week now many were hoping that its release would see the fall of Activision’s FPS behemoth from the charts for most played game on Live, but the results are now in and Battlefield 3 hasn’t managed to topple the Call of Duty series just yet.

Major Nelson revealed the charts for this week earlier today, with Battlefield 3 sitting in third place behind Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2.

Before you give up hope, though, do remember that the two Call of Duty games have been out considerably longer giving them more time to attract players, although that also means that they’ve had plenty of time to lose players.

Still, the real test will come once both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 have been around for a few weeks, but based on simple numbers alone it seems as though Battlefield won’t be taking the crown away from Call of Duty yet, despite having sold an impressive five million copies in its first week, exactly half of the total ten million copies which were shipped out.

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I always hate writing about myself, it's such a pain in the ass to know where I should start. I'm twenty-two years young and love to play, as you may have already guessed. When WolfsGamingBlog.com started up it was simply because I found writing to be a good form of stress relief for when my Cystic Fibrosis was getting me down or simply because I had been having a bad week. When I started writing I never dreamed that people would actually read it, or that it would ever get this big. It's mind boggling. My writing isn't the best, but through trial, error and the comments of readers I strive to improve it so I can provide fair reviews. My ultimate goal is to prove that not everyone in the gaming media are corrupt idiots intent on delivering false reviews. Other than that I'm a fully qualified lifeguard and used to teach first-aid and life-saving skills to kids. What more is there to say? Hmmm, well I love music, reading and films. I'm a drummer, enjoy going swimming and tend to get distracted by shiny objects. Is that a fifty-pence?

2 comments on “Battlefield Hasn’t Beaten Call Of Duty Yet

  1. [...] 3 sitting in third place behind Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. Before you give up hope… Click here for full article! [...]

  2. It might not outsell MW3, but its still one hell of a great game.

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