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Gearbox Honor A Late Fan In Borderlands 2

It’s pretty easy to hate the faceless companies who develop and publish games. It’s easy to forget that they are made up of actual people who sometimes do actually give a damn about their fans. But sometimes there are companies out there willing to do something nice for the people who support them, and this is perhaps the best example of this that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Destructoid recieved an email from a Borderlands fan named Carlo who told them a story about his late friend Michael John Mamaril. You see, both Carlo and Michael were massive Borderlands fans, but sadly Michael passed away last month aged just 22, his life having been taken by an enemy that no amount of shooting can defeat; cancer.

To honor his late friend Carlo decided to fire an Email off to Gearbox software, requesting that a short eulogy for Michael be read by the games famous smart-ass robot Claptrap. Not only did Gearbox Software comply by delivering a heartfelt and wonderful eulogy, but they also decided to honor Michael John Mamaril by placing him in the world of Borderlands 2 as an NPC, to ensure that he is never forgotten.

So, today I raise my glass to a fallen gamer and extend my deepest condolences to his family. In the words of Claptrap, ” Though he may be gone… he will live on forever in the Borderlands.”

You can listen to the touching eulogy over at Destructoid.

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