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Skyrim GameJam Shows Off Potential New DLC?

Despite the fact that the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an absolutely massive game, there’s still vast amounts of people who want DLC for the game right now. Hell, they’ve probably not even seen everything the game has to offer, but they still want more anyway. Of course Bethesda have kept quiet on this front, simply stating that DLC is coming, that it will be expansive and that it will be done when its done.

But a new video just released might give us a look at a few things that could, and I do stress could, make it into the games future DLC packs. After Skyrim’s release, Bethesda held a GameJam, where they took a week off and gave themselves the freedom to create whatever they want and put it into Skyrim. What resulted was giant Mudcrabs, dragon riding, Kinect shouts, elemental arrows, assassin vision, build your own house, adoption and so much more. But what’s most impress is that they created all of this in just one week, yet still managed to put in full animations and make it all look like a part of the game, rather than just something tacked on.

Now the big question is whether any of these ideas will see the light of day? Bethesda do themselves do say that it some or potentially all of these ideas could be added to the game as part of future DLC packs or even for free.

 Personally I’m intrigued by the new elemental arrows, assassin vision, house building and battles with just bloody Mudcrabs. But then, I’m interested in all of it, really.

So what are you waiting for? Click play, and then drool for five minutes.

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One comment on “Skyrim GameJam Shows Off Potential New DLC?

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