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Spartacus: Legends Coming 2013 – Based On The Hit TV Show

Let’s be quite clear about this: I freaking love the Spartacus TV series by Starz, with Gods of the Arenas currently sitting as my favorite of the three seasons that have aired. Next year will see the final season of the hit show, War of the Damned, being aired on TV, and what better way to celebrate the presumably gore-ridden finale than with a game?

Well, Ubisoft have today announced Spartacus: Legends, based upon the TV show, will release in 2013. The new game is going to be a good old-fashioned brawler and will apparently feature thousands of weapon combinations and the ability to play as Spartacus, Crixus or one of your own custom-created gladiators as you train in the Ludus and battle in arenas, all in your quest to become a Legend.

Liam McIntyre, the man who plays Spartacus, will also be lending his likeness and voice talent to the game, as well as being involved in providing early feedback as he himself is an avid gamer.

And don’t worry, dismemberment is mentioned in the press release, so it seems like the game will be fully embracing the insane violence of the TV show.

As of this minute Ubisoft haven’t mentioned anything about story details and whether the game is only based upon the first season or whether it will encompass  any of the other seasons. Based upon the shown screenshots, it’s possible that the game may use some of Gods of the Arena’s  timeline as the area in which the gladiators are fighting appears to be a recreation of the very same that a certain Gannicus and others fought in during Gods of the Arena.

Nor have Ubisoft seen fit to announce what platforms the game will be available on or a more specific release date than 2013, but they did mention that gamers will be able to get their first hands-on experience with the game at Comic-Con this month at the Starz booth.

If you’re one of the lucky people at Comic-Con and you manage to grab a shot of Spartacus: Legends, then do let us all know what you thought of it.

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