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New Call Of Duty Game Confirmed For 2013



……………………………………………What? You expect me to write something about this? I mean, a new Call of Duty game being confirmed for 2013 is about as surprising as the sun rising in the morning. You seriously think there’s anything for me to say?

Okay, well today Activision held their Q4 conference call, during which Activision’s CEO stated that there was a new Call of Duty game coming in 2013, ¬†which is presumably being developed by Infinity Ward since Black Ops II was developed by Treyarch. For those that don’t know the two companies take it in turns to create Call of Duty games, giving each Call of Duty title a 2-year developement cycle while allowing Activision to release a new one every year.

There’s really not much else to say as Activision revealed absolutely no details on the game. However, we can assume that it will follow the Call of Duty tradition of being released in November. It’s also likely that it will be released on current generation hardware so as it achieve maximum sales. A port for next generation consoles is possible.

And for those not keeping count, Call of Duty 2013 will be the tenth Call of Duty game. To put that in perspective, though, Traveller’s Tales have made a total of twelve LEGO games since 2006, with a thirteenth game due for release this year. That’s an average of two LEGO games every year.



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One comment on “New Call Of Duty Game Confirmed For 2013

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