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Konami Explains That The Phantom Pain And Ground Zeroes Are Two Parts Of One Game That May Be Sold Separately. Confused Yet?


Alright, so this has been a bit of a c*ck up then, hasn’t it? Since Kojima took to the stage at GDC wrapped in bandages to announce the latest Metal Gear Solid game, nobody has been entirely sure whether The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes were the same game, two separate games or if they were perhaps magical bloody pixies in disguise.

Just yesterday a Komani rep told Solliconera that they were separate games, seemingly clearing up the confusion once and for all. But now it seems that wasn’t entirely accurate, either.

CVG reports that they’ve finally gotten everything straightened out. Another Konami representative explained to them on Thursday that together The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes make up Metal Gear Solid V. Ground Zeroes acts as a prologue, showing the fall of Mother Base and explaining why Big Boss ends up in a nine-year coma. The Phantom Pain then picks up after those nine-years, when Big Boss is awakening.

The representative also told CVG that both parts of Metal Gear Solid V will be playable on current consoles.

However, some confusion still remains, as how these two parts are to be sold remains a mystery. At the moment Konami haven’t said that they’ll both be in the same package, leading us to wonder if that means they’ll be sold as separate products. ┬áThe Metal Gear Solid V logo was only attached to The Phantom Pain, which is why I personally believe The Phantom Pain will be the full retail game, while Ground Zeroes will be a digital download title.

Still, regardless Konami may want to think about changing their marketing strategy at the moment. Currently, by describing it as two parts that make up a single game there’s a lot of people making the assumption that this means they’ve literally split the game into two titles and that you’ll then have to pay full-price for both to get the complete experience.

Hopefully I won’t be typing up another story tomorrow saying that this is all garbage and it’s actually three different projects that make up one part of Metal Gear Solid V or something.


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