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External Storage Won’t Be Supported By The Xbox One At Launch


The Xbox One has suffered a slight blow today as Major Nelson revealed in his PAX Special Podcast that the Xbox One won’t support external storage at launch, but rather the feature will arrive some time after the console is sitting on store shelves.

“My understanding is that feature will not be there at launch because the team is working on some other things, but it definitely is on the list. I don’t know when it will come in though.” Said the Major.

The Xbox One has a 500GB internal hard-drive, but it cannot be upgraded. When the console was first announced Microsoft revealed that you’d be able to plug in an external hard-drive via the USB 3.0 port and use that to install games on.|

It’s a shame, and one that people will doubtless leap upon as yet another Microsoft disappointment.

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One comment on “External Storage Won’t Be Supported By The Xbox One At Launch

  1. As long as they get this fixed by next holiday season it isn’t a big deal. There won’t be enough out to fill up that 500gb hard drive. This is the same thing they did with the Xbox 360.

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