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Kingdoms Of Amalur Rights Will Likely Go To Auction This Month


After the demise of 38 Studios last year many feared that we’d never see a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a great fantasy RPG that found itself a loyal and deserved fanbase. However, there may still be hope as the rights to Kingdoms of Amalur are apparently going up for auction this month.

Richard Land, the court-appointed receiver for 38, told WPRI that: “The process is taking longer than we anticipated for a variety of reasons including the complexity of the game itself. We have engaged an auctioneer and they are developing an Internet marketplace – or website – to market the game.”

While Land does not yet have an exact date he is due to meet auctioneer this week and expects to nail down an exact date. Land does however expect the auction website to go live this month, and has also confirmed that there has already been interest in purchasing the rights.

It’s unlikely the Kingdoms of Amalur license will sell for very much given that it’s a fairly unknown brand with only one title to its name. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning didn’t sell very well, either.

Another 38 Studios titled Copernicus is also due to go up for sale. Copernicus was the project name given to the MMO 38 Studios intended to create which would take place with the Kingdoms of Amalur universe.

Of course the big question is that if somebody does snatch up the rights, just who will it be? Fans are already salivating at the idea of a company like Bioware or Bethesda picking up the rights, but only time will tell.

Fingers crossed, because I really did love Reckoning, and would be interested in seeing a sequel, even if it isn’t from the same people.

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