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CD Projekt Red Talk About DRM And The Witcher 3 Being Pirated

Just yesterday CD Projekt Red announced that their upcoming epic RPG The Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM, flying in the face of most developer’s current policies. With no DRM in place people will be free to pirate The Witcher 3, and CD Projekt Red are quite happy with that, exhibiting an enlightened attitude toward the topic of piracy and DRM.

Speaking in a video interview to GOG.com, CD Projekt Red commented:

“Whatever we do, the game will be pirated. Whether it’s DRM-free or it has DRM. If you look at it in a very simple way, putting the DRM on the game just makes the life of the legal gamer more difficult. So the guys who really trusted us and went out and bought the game, they have a more difficult life than the guys who didn’t bother and pirated the game. I really think it should be the other way around.”

Accepting the inevitability of The Witcher 3 being pirated  Marcin Iwinski  explained that the company feel that by treating gamers right they can persuade those that illegally downloaded the game to purchase it at some point:

“For some people, piracy, it’s in a way trying the games because…some people treat it [like] some kind of a trial. Some people just cannot afford it in the full price. And ultimately, I believe that if we treat these people right, then at some point, be it mid-price or maybe budget, they will go out and buy our game.”

“We made our mistakes, we learned our lessons in the case of The Witcher 2. We’ll not repeat it and this chapter is definitely behind us.” Iwinski said, talking about The Witcher 2′s much-loathed SecuROM DRM. SecuROM was removed in the very first patch for the game.

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