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Major Nelson Responds To Gamer’s Xbox One Console Being Banned, Stating It Won’t Be Permanent. Sony


In case you missed it earlier today a Twitter user by the name of Moonlightswami was lucky enough to get his Xbox One console delivered several weeks early by retailer Target. Like any excited game he immediately fired up the console, whacked in his copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts and began playing, posting bits and pieces of information on Twitter as went.

Microsoft were none too happy with this and whacked Moonlight with a console ban, a move that hasn’t gone down too well with the Internet crowd as they flocked to Moonlights side. Even I declared Microsoft’s handling of the sitaution as a dick move earlier, as there were better and nicer ways to deal the problem, especially since Moonlight had really done nothing wrong. I have no problem with him being banned until the official release date, but it was once again a massive PR blunder on Micrsoft’s behalf.
By using the console Moonlight had agreed to Microsoft’s T&Cs, which includes the right to ban any console. The liklihood is that it wasn’t his playing of the console that irked them, but his posting of information.

Now, though, some hope has emerged for the enraged gamer as Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, caught wind of the problem and asked Moonlight to message him directly via Twitter.

Major Nelson then headed on to Neogaf to help clear up the situation, stating:
“I reached out to him and I’ll get this sorted out. His console will not be permabanned that is for sure.”

While it was pretty unlikely that Moonlight’s ban would last forever, it’s good to hear confirmation, and equally good to see Major Nelson react this quickly, although given how much backlash Microsoft were getting it was the smartest move.

Meanwhile Sony, ever the opportunist, decided they’d attempt to one-up MS again. Following the ban of Moonlight Twitter users began to ask Shuhei Yoshida if they would be facing a ban should their PS4 arrive before the official launch date, to which he simply replied, “no.”

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2 comments on “Major Nelson Responds To Gamer’s Xbox One Console Being Banned, Stating It Won’t Be Permanent. Sony

  1. MS just cant get the PR right on this console no matter how many chances they are gifted. Odd though how out of the thousands that must be pre-ordered with target only 1 slips through the net, inside job perhaps? Nah, probably not but again another missed chance for MS to rebuild there scorched bridges.

    • From what I’m hearing a few other people have gotten consoles as well from target, but I’ll have to dig into that a bit.

      Agreed. I strongly feel this situation could have been handled far better than it was, and it just adds yet another dent in Microsoft’s already struggling reputation.

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