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Batman: Arkham Origins Getting New Singleplayer Story DLC In 2014


After teasing fans for a few weeks Warner Bros. have officially announced that Batman: Arkham Origins will be getting a chunk of story-driven DLC some time in 2014. This may come as something of a let-down to fans hoping for details on a new game, or an announcement of an Xbox One/PS4 port for Origins.

Along with the announcement Warner Bros. sent out the picture seen above, which would seemingly indicate that the DLC will focus on Mr. Freeze. More specifically the award in the picture coupled with the ice suggests the DLC will tell the story of Freeze’s origins, although whether it will be based upon the traditional telling or the newer, more controversial New 52 origin is anyone’s guess.

In the New 52 Freeze had his origins changed so that he fell in love with a woman cryogenically frozen before he was even born, eventually even going so far as to believe she was his wife. Her name was Nora, but unlike Victory Fries’ original origins they were never married, nor had Fries ever known her. Fries worked at Wayne Enterprises where Nora’s body was stored, looking for a way to revive her until one day Wayne decided to shut the project. Fries grew enraged, accidentally smashing cryogenic tanks which sprayed him with liquid, transforming him into Mr. Freeze.

This new origin caused much anger amongst fans because it portrays Freeze in a much less sympathetic light.

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