How do you really start an “about” page? The answer has left me baffled, so I guess I’ll start with the obvious.

My name is Baden Ronie and I live up in bonny Scotland where I was born and raised. I’ve been gaming for just over 15-years, over a variety of consoles. And then, just two years ago, I decided that writing about games made sense. My early work, in a word, sucked. My current work sucks, but my initial work sucked more.

It’s now two years on and, to my everlasting amazement, people seem to like what I’m writing! I get Emails from people asking me to keep it up, comments from others and plenty of kind words from much large, and far better, gaming sites out there. I even get games sent to me from publishers so that I can write about them! It’s mindboggling! So, all I can to all you people who read my work, send me mail and comment on my reviews, is thank you!

But, at the end of the day, even if just one person is reading it, I’ll be writing it, and if nobody is reading it, I’ll still be writing in my notebook. Why? Because becoming a massive success isn’t what’s important to me, but writing because I enjoy it is.

Hi, I’m a gamer, and I like to write about games.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets get down to what this site actually is.

You’ll likely see a lot of reviews based on the XBox 360 because that’s the current console I use, mixed in with some PC hardware and game reviews. On here you’ll mostly find reviews, previews and the occasional opinion piece. Occasionally, should I find it interesting enough, I will post up news, but there’s already plenty of sites out there that cover news so I don’t post it often; after all, if I did I’d never have any time to play games and review them.
At the moment, the focus is on reviews. In the future I’d like to write some more opinion piece articles, because they’re always good fun.

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  1. Nice mate, am enjoying the site, and appreciating the email updates too.
    Just one thing! Punctuation! Really grinds my gears!
    If you’re looking for someone to proof read before you publish, give us a shout!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi mate,
      thanks for the comment.
      Sorry about punctuation,at the moment i’ve been so busy just trying to get the site looking good and get a decent amound of news,reviews and previews up that things like punctuation and grammer can take a hit.

  2. Hello –I found your Blog onYahoo. I must say, I’m impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access.Pretty awesome.

  3. hello Mr. ronie ..found your blog on Google blog search ,very impressed with it ..hope to chat with you soon on Skype if you use it .. wish to chat with you about gaming blog i stated on word press my skype name is paul.crawford25 , im from Canada ..eh ..
    warm regards Paul Crawford

  4. Hello Baden! Just read your about me!!! This is awesome indeed! I am new to blogging and like you, I want to make my blog a gaming blog!! I can’t believe you are still blogging since 2009??? That’s incredible. I’m glad I found your blog! ^_^

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