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Baden Ronie

RANDOM LOOT: It Ain’t Fear, It’s Dredd

  Random Loot is a new series in which I get to focus on one particular game, movie or even comic, be it relatively old or quite new, and then ramble about it, often going off-course in the process or using it to make a point about something else entirely. This series is far less […]

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Are Ubisoft Working On A 2D Prince Of Persia Game?

According to French gaming website Portail Du Jeu Video Ubisoft are currently working on a brand new Prince of Persia game which will use the UbiArt Engine, which powers the brilliant Rayman: Legends, as well as upcoming game Child of Light. The report goes on to state that the game will use a similiar animation technique […]

The Xbox One Edition Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Seems To Have Been Delayed, But Not Cancelled. Yet.

In a rather bizarre turn of events it was this morning discovered that all references to an Xbox One edition of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 had been removed from the game’s official website, despite it being due to release in a mere two weeks. Website Gamers Honest Truth claimed that sources close to Activision had […]

Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance Review – It’s A Storm Of Something, Alright

  Platforms: PC, iOS Reviewed On: PC Developer:  Eutechnyx Publisher: Eutechnyx Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes This game was tested using an AMD Radeon HD 7790 graphics card kindly supplied by AMD. Click here for details on that, the Radeon HD 7790 and the test system used for all PC games. Disclaimer; this game was provided free of charge by the […]

Ubisoft Handed Out Free Nexus 7 Tablets To Watch Dogs Preview Event Attendees

Allegations of corrupt journalists and reviewers being bribed in order to get higher scores and positive coverage exist within every brand of the media, but in the world of gaming they seem far more prevalent, largely due to angry Internet fans screaming “paid-off” whenever a game they dislike gets a high score. In the time […]

Hefty New Chunk Of Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC Adds New Characters And A New Map

Popcap are continuing their plan to bring free content to owners of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare with a new chunk of DLC titled Zomboss Down, which adds a significant amount of content to the game. Firstly players can look forward to a new map called Cactus Canyon for Gardens & Graveyards mode. On top […]

April Xbox One System Update Has Begun Rolling Out

Microsoft are have begun rolling out the latest system update for Xbox One, which includes a couple of handy upgrades. Major Nelson took to his blog to reveal the full list of changes and improvements. Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your game saves. You will […]

This New Child Of Light Trailer Showing Off The Environments Of Lemuria Is Beautiful

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for the upcoming Child of Light, and oh boy is it beautiful! The game is running on Ubisoft’s Ubiart Framework engine, and features a striking visual style. They’ve kept this new trailer, titled The World of Lemuria, simple, focusing on the breathtaking environments. if you’re unfamiliar with Child of […]

Trials Fusion Multiplayer Looks Awesome In This New Trailer

Trials Fusion is due to release in just a few days, and to celebrate the boys and girls over at Ubisoft have released a trailer focusing on the multiplayer side of the game. Both Trials HD and Trials Evolution sit proudly in my list of top favorite games of all time, and playing with mates […]

First Titanfall DLC Announced For May, Plus Incoming Features Revealed

  Respawn Entertainment have used PAX East to officially announce the first chunk of Titanfall DLC, titled Titanfall Expedition, due for release some time in May of this year. The pack will contain just three maps, all of which apparently take place after Titanfall’s campaign narrative, continuing the tale, although that implies that there actually […]