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How F*cking Good Is Civilization V!?

NOTE: this article does contain a few pieces of strong language. You have been warned. Just recently I ventured back into the shady and delightful world of PC gaming, having been away for some considerable time due to a simple yet fatal flaw keeping me away from it: a lack of money. Those of you […]

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A Response To The Daily Mail’s Article On Adam Lanza, The Sandy Hook Shooter, And Gaming

You can read the Daily Mail’s article HERE, which I suggest you do before reading this: As the title of this piece so subtly suggests, this is a direct response to the Daily Mail’s recent article regarding the notorious Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza. In the report Lanza’s tragic killing spree is linked to video […]

Celebrate Valentines Day By Winning Some Dead Space 3 Weapon Packs! (Competition Time!)

Valentines Day has snuck up on us like a fat man sneaking up on the all you can eat buffet in Pizza Hut, and what better way to celebrate the day than winning yourself a weapon pack for Dead Space 3 and dismembering some Necromorphs? The correct answer to that question is that there is […]

My Top Fifteen Games Of 2012

So, we’re now half-way through the very first month of 2013 after all the hype and the disappointment surrounding that whole end of the world thing. Of course that means plenty of new games to look forward in the coming year, but like practically everyone else out there I’d like to just stop for a few […]

Do Us A Favor And Help Out Rawr Audio!

As many of you guys and gals already know I occasionally like to post up videos and updates on a friend of mine, a musician by the name of Geoff Sharp, who writes and performs all of his own stuff. And even if you missed those updates you could hardly miss the fact that there’s a […]

Krater – Review

Release Date: Out Now Developer: Fatshark Publisher: Lace Mamba Singleplayer: Yes Thanks to Lace Mamba for providing a copy of this game for review. You might be surprised to know that not many games take place in Sweden. Then again, what can really happen in the sleepy ex-viking infested country who’ve since traded in their […]

5 Reasons Why Darksiders II Will Kick Ass

It’s just one week until Darksiders II arrives in the UK. To help alleviate my excitement somewhat and stop me from literally bouncing up and down in anticipation I decided to sit  down and write out my top five reasons as to why I firmly believe that Darksiders II will fulfill all the potential the first game had and […]

Win A Copy Of Diablo III

Our copy of Diablo III has just been passed off to the master of all things PC, Andrew Hallam, for review and needless to say I’m pretty damn excited to see what he thinks of the game. But thanks to the lovely lads and ladies over at both Blizzard and Indigo Pearl we’ve also got an […]

Time For Some Music

If you’re a regular reader then you may have noticed that a new page, titled GSharp, has popped up at the top of the site, so I thought I’d take a minute and mention what it was and why it’s there. Obviously you can actually go to the page at the top of the screen […]

XBox Live Hacking Method Exposed? Some Information To Keep Your Account Secure.

If you’ve been floating around news outlets recently, then you may have heard of Susan Taylor, a woman who became famous when she blogged about her story of being hacked on XBox Live. It’s a wonderful and grim tale that indulges itself in issues such as hacking, and bad customer service, and poor security. Her […]