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Dark Void- Preview

Dark Void is set to try and provide a diffrent shooting experiance for it’s players by giving the play a jetpack which enables combat to not only be performed on the ground,but in the air as well. Players will take on the role ow Will Augustus Grey,a cargo pilot who crashes into the Bermuda Triangle […]

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Crackdown 2- Preview

The original Crackdown never got the attention it deserved and Microsoft knew it would not hence the fact that every copy of Crackdown came with a free invitation to the Halo 3 Beta. Sadly most people took this as a “buy the Halo 3 Beta and get Crackdown free” sort of deal. However Crackdown 2 […]

Dante’s Inferno Demo- preview

Those of you who have experienced God of War are going to feel at home in the latest gore fest that is Dante’s Inferno. This demo (released into Xbox Live Marketplace on the 24th od December) provides¬† a good-sized chunk of hack n slash gameplay,a genre which is currently championed on the Xbox 360 by […]

Borderlands- Mad Moxxi’s Trailer

Borderlands new DLC,Mad Maxxi’s Underdome riot,promises weapon storage space and a new mode similiar to Gears of War 2′s horde mode and Halo: ODST’s firefight mode. Released on 29th of December for 800 points,here’s a trailer to keep your intrest up.

Battlefield:Bad Company 2- Preview

Bad Company is still a hugely popular game on Xbox Live,and with the release of Bad Company 2 drawing nearer and nearer the fans are gearing up for some more high-octane action. So how is Bad Company 2 going to improve on the Battlefield formula? Bad Company 2 promises to ramp up the multiplayer action […]