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Gearbox May Reveal Their New Game This Year, But Will It Be Borderlands 3?

Gearbox have been keeping relatively quiet lately, but it seems that they may have plans to announce their new game this year, and apparently it’s only going to be available on “next” generation platforms, by which they, of course, mean current gen. Replying directly to a fan on Twitter, Randy Pitchford had this to say: […]

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Gearbox Are Not Working On Borderlands 3, But They Do Have Two New IPs In The Works

During an interview with Polygon Randy Pitchford of Gearbox confirmed that the company currently are not working on Borderlands 3. “We are not working on Borderlands 3. That is unqualified. We have more to do in the franchise, but no, there isn’t a Borderlands 3.” Stated Pitchford, leaving no room for argument. “When you think of what Borderlands 3 should […]

Capcom Release Massive 13GB Update For Dead Rising 3

Over the years I’ve seen some pretty hefty updates released for games, but Dead Rising 3 might just take the cake with its whopping 13GB patch that’s just hit today. That’s right, if you plan on playing Dead Rising 3 you better be willing to allot some download time, although obviously the Xbox One does […]

DICE Say That The Battlefield: Bad Company Games Have Limited Appeal

I’ve been patiently awaiting news that DICE are developing a third Battlefield: Bad Company game, but it seems that my hopes and that of many others might not come to fruition any time soon. Speaking to OXM, DICE revealed that they’d personally love to craft another Bad Company game, but  EA appear to be ambivalent […]

CD Projekt Red Talk About DRM And The Witcher 3 Being Pirated

Just yesterday CD Projekt Red announced that their upcoming epic RPG The Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM, flying in the face of most developer’s current policies. With no DRM in place people will be free to pirate The Witcher 3, and CD Projekt Red are quite happy with that, exhibiting an enlightened attitude […]

Battlefield 4 Beta Will Start In October

EA have announced that the Battlefield 4 Beta will be going live on Xbox, PC and PS3 on October 1st, giving you plenty of time to get some practice in before the game releases on October 29th for North American players and November 1st for those of us in the UK. The beta will give […]

Lost Planet 3 – Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, and PC Reviewed On: Xbox 360 Developer: Spark Unlimited Publisher: Capcom Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes PEGI: 16+ Although it never managed to capture as much popularity as something like the Gears of War games,  the Lost Planet franchise has the dubious honor of spanning an entire generation with three games to […]

Don’t Expect To See Darksiders 3 In The Next 2-Years, Says Reinhard Pollice Of Nordic Games

In April of this year Nordic Games spent $5-million to acquire a vast number of THQ’s IPs, and while they’ve yet to really lay the foundations for their plans going forward, Reinhard Pollice, who handles Nordic’s business and product development, did reveal some interesting snippets of information regarding what is arguably the companies most important acquirement: […]

Capcom Announce Dead Rising 3, Exclusively For Xbox One

In what is arguably the surprise of the day Capcom took to the stage during Microsoft’s E3 media event to announce that Dead Rising 3 is apparently coming exclusively to Xbox One. Not only did they announce the game but they also showed off a fair bit of during the event, giving gamers a glimpse […]

Ubisoft Release teaser For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Yes, It’s Real. Probably.

Right, this is one hell of a fun story. Today Ubisoft revealed a teaser trailer for  something called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The teaser shows absolutely no gameplay, but amazes us all with some nutty 80′s nonsense. As you would expect on April 1st people began declaring it to be an April Fools joke. […]