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Help Save Inside Xbox In Europe!

Unknown to many gamers, the beloved Inside Xbox channel which brings us weekly shows like SentUAMessage and Nexus is under threat of being shut down. The American Inside Xbox channel, which was fronted by Major Nelson, has already been canned by Microsoft and now the European version may go the same way, and that would be a true […]

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Toy Stunt Bike – Indie Review

Comparisons to Trials HD in this review are going to be often, and for good reason as Toy Stunt Bike feels much like the massive XBLA hit, albiet without the cool announcer. The game basics are simple enough, you navigate your little bike along a series of increasingly tricky obstacles trying to get the best […]

History Great Battles Medieval – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Slitherine Publisher: Slitherine Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: No Multiplayer: 2 player PEGI: 16 Strategy games have always had a rough time on console, but games like R.US.E have shown us what can be done using the 360′s controller. Sadly games like History Great Battles Medieval show us how not to do […]

LotsofGames – Interview!

Following up my interview with Zeitgeist is an interview with another famous Youtube gamer and another of my favorites! LotsofGames has made himself popular thanks to his passion for games and on his channel you’ll fine collection videos, unboxings and more. You can find the link to his channel at the bottom of this interview. […]

Zeitgeist gets grilled! Interview time!

With an ever-increasing amount of game reviewers out there it’s hard to pick out many of them amongst the giants such as IGN and Gamespot who dominate the net. So it’s with great pleasure that I sat down (figuratively) with one of the most respected home-grown reviewers out there and one of my personal favorites. I […]