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Don’t Expect To See Darksiders 3 In The Next 2-Years, Says Reinhard Pollice Of Nordic Games

In April of this year Nordic Games spent $5-million to acquire a vast number of THQ’s IPs, and while they’ve yet to really lay the foundations for their plans going forward, Reinhard Pollice, who handles Nordic’s business and product development, did reveal some interesting snippets of information regarding what is arguably the companies most important acquirement: […]

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Nordic Say No Darksiders Game This Year, Because They Don’t Believe In Bringing Out Sh*t Sequels.

Nordic games, the publishers who bought the vast majority of THQ’s remaining assets in the final auction, have earned some serious respect points from me thanks to their comments to Game Informer. Speaking to Game Informer Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors was first all very honest about his company and why he’s in business: “We have to […]

THQ Auction Results Are In: Nordic Games Acquire Loads Of New IPs, Including Darksiders And Red Faction. Gearbox Pick Up Homeworld.

The results for the auctioning of THQ’s remaining assets are finally in, allowing us to see exactly who bought what, and in something of a surprise is seems that Nordic Games, assuming the court approves all sales, will be riding off into the sunset with the vast majority of THQ’s assets. According the press release […]

Crytek USA Want to Purchase The Darksiders IP

When THQ sadly died earlier this year the fate of both the Darksiders franchise and its creators, Vigil Games, looked bleak. No bids were placed on either the game or the developers, and so Vigil Games shut down and the Darksiders IP seemingly died alongside them. But now there’s a light at the end of […]

Platinum Games Might Be Interested In Purchasing The Darksiders IP And Taking Aboard Vigil Games Staff

Yesterday came the utterly crap news that nobody had placed a bid on Vigil Games, the creators of the Darksiders games,  during the auction held for THQ’s various assets. Many of the staff of Vigil headed on to the Internet to say their farewells, with Ben Pureton posting a heartfelt thank you to both the […]

Darksiders II – Review

Platforms: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 (Reviewed) Release Date: Out Now! Developer: Vigil Publisher: THQ Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: No Multiplayer: No PEGI: 16 This game was provided by THQ for review. The original Darksiders was a game almost literally brimming with promise and potential, an action-adventure game that cherry-picked gameplay elements from various titles and stitched […]

Darksiders II 1st Console/2nd PC Patch Notes Revealed

Darksiders II is pretty freakin’ awesome. It also has a fair few glitches and problems, though, stopping some gamers from completing certain quests or, in the case of the PC, stopping them from advancing the storyline entirely. Don’t worry, though, Vigil have just released the details for the new  patch which will be the first on console and the second […]

5 Reasons Why Darksiders II Will Kick Ass

It’s just one week until Darksiders II arrives in the UK. To help alleviate my excitement somewhat and stop me from literally bouncing up and down in anticipation I decided to sit  down and write out my top five reasons as to why I firmly believe that Darksiders II will fulfill all the potential the first game had and […]

New Darksiders II Story Trailer Shows War And Death Duking It Out!

THQ have released a brand new trailer for Darksiders II focusing on the storyline. To say that the trailer is pretty cool is a but of an understatement, but the real news here is that we catch a glimpse of War, the lead character from the first Darksiders, and he’s mixing it up with none other […]

Darksiders 2 – New Dev Diary Talks Loot And Customisation

It’s just a month until Darksiders 2 gets released and I’m pretty freakin’ excited about it at the moment: it looks like its improving on the already fun first game in just about every way. Most importantly, though: loot. Anybody that knows me, knows I have a thing about loot. In particular, I have a thing […]