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Defiance Is Hurting Defiance

If nothing else Trion Worlds deserve kudos for attempting something very different, a blending of videogame and TV show to try and create one world wherein the events of either medium can affect the other. The result of this mad experiment was Defiance, a third-person  shooter in MMO guise. But I’m worried that Defiance is […]

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Defiance (The Game) – Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 Reviewed On: Xbox 360 Developer: Trion Worlds Publisher: Trion Worlds Singleplayer: No. Multiplayer: Yes. 1-10,000+ PEGI:  18+ NOTES: This review was written based upon the 1.013 patch.  Creating a hybrid between game and TV show where one can influence the other is a pretty daring enterprise, yet that’s […]

North American Servers For Defiance Are Currently Down For Emergency Repairs Due To Latest Patch Causing Problems

The North America servers for Defiance have been shut down due to problems caused by the latest patch, according to Trion Worlds. The 1.013 patch was released today and made some good changes, but also seems to have caused issues with people’s Pursuit progress getting wiped out. Trion have taken own the servers for emergency […]

Trion Worlds Release New Defiance 1.013 Patch On May 2nd – Patch Notes Included

Trion Worlds have just released another new patch for the TV/MMO hybrid Defiance, which in other news has just surpassed 1-million registered accounts having been out for a month, so if you fire up the game today be prepared to do a little updating. This patch brings the game up to version 1.013. The most […]

Trion Release New 1.012 Patch For Defiance And Patch Notes

The servers for Defiance are now back up as Trion Worlds have finished releasing the latest patch for the game, bringing it up to version 1.012. The patch once again fixes some key issues, although it is nowhere near as big as the previous patch. The patch notes are: Patch 1.012 Notes:  – Fixes to […]