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Rumour: Leaked Image Suggests Dishonored 2 Will Be Announced At E3 This Year

A curious image has surfaced on the magical Internetz suggesting that a sequel to Dishonored will be announced at E3, and that furthermore the game will set in Tyvia. However, the image has arrived under what would appear to be rather odd circumstances, further confusing the question of whether it’s genuine or not. The picture […]

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Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall (DLC) – Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Reviewed On: Xbox 360 Price: 800MSP (£7.99) Any excuse to step back into the wonderful world of Dishonored is good, not that you ever really need an excuse to go back and play a game you love. The Knife of Dunwall is the first of two story-based add-ons planned […]

Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall DLC Announced, Along With Release Date!

It’s time to sharpen your blades as Bethesda have announced the second DLC pack for Dishonored, titled The Knife of Dunwall, will arrive on April 16th on Xbox 360 and PC, and on April 17th for Playstation 3. Warning: Minor spoiler for the first level of Dishonored ahead. In the Knife of Dunwall players will […]

Dishonored To Get “The Other Side of the Coin” Singleplayer DLC?

  Dishonored stands as one of the my favorite games from 2012, and as such this news has gotten me understandably excited. Rumours are currently flying around that Dishonored is going to get some new singleplayer DLC in the form of a pack titled The Other Side of the Coin. The news comes from PS3Trophies, […]

Dishonored – Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Reviewed on: Xbox 360 Developer: Arkane Publisher: Bethesda Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No PEGI: 18+ This game was provided free of charge by Bethesda for review. Launching a new intellectual property in today’s market is a tough task: publishers aren’t often willing to take the monetary risk required to fund a games creation, and […]

Dishonored To Get Three DLC Add-On Packs

Arkane have today stepped forth from the shadows to announce three add-on packs for their utterly superb stealth/action game, Dishonored. The new packs will start in December and will be launched on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC simultaneously. The first, scheduled to be launched in December at the low price of £3.99 or 400MSP, is titled […]

Dishonored: The Developer Diaries

We’re just a few weeks away from the launch of Dishonored, a game that I’m personally hugely excited for. Sadly I don’t really get the time to cover news or write previews and opinion pieces anywhere near as much as I’d like to as I’m usually playing games to review them, and when I’m not […]

Dishonored: Tales From Dunwell Provides Some Interesting Backstory

We’re now getting very close to the launch of Dishonored, an exciting new IP from Arkane Studios being published by a name you might just know: Bethesda. To get us all ready for the game they’ve just released a brand new video by the name of Dishonored: Tales from Dunwall, providing a little bit of […]