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Four Map Variants Unlocked In Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer

It’s the time to be festive, cheerful and generally a happy person, and to celebrate the holidays, Ubisoft have decided to unlock four map variants for players of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multiplayer. They announced it via their Facebook page, having this to say: “Hey Assassins. Have you checked your ACR Multiplayer Map list today? Well as […]

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5 Games You Have To Play In The Next 4 Months

In the next four months gaming will see a concentrated barrage of pure gaming awesomeness. As gamers, we are honored and privileged to be alive in this time to witness this display of gaming goodness. There’s so many big titles coming out that it’s surprising time/space isn’t warped, thus creating some sort of unstable bridge […]

Pinball FX2: Fantastic Four DLC – Review

Cost: 240 Microsoft Points It seems Zen has found the sweet spot with its Marvel license. The previously released pack of four tables based around such characters as the might Wolverine proved to be some of the best tables that Pinball FX2 has ever seen, and that runs looks set to continue as they release […]

Borderlands – Claptraps New Robot Revolution!

Not that long ago we reported that details on the upcoming DLC 4 pack for Borderlands had been leaked, and now Gearbox have officially announced the brand new DLC pack for Borderlands titled Claptraps New Robot Revolution! This new DLC will come in with 20 new missions for the cost of 800MSP and will see […]