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Verdun Review – Authentic World War 1 Multiplayer Goodness, And Then You Die

Laying in the muddy, stinking water of a crater I almost miss the safety of my equally muddy, wet, stinking trench. Here in no-mans lands advancing has become next to impossible as a tricky sniper and heavy machine gunner have all but pinned down the entirety of my squad, and seem to be bringing a halt to our team’s offensive. Unlike those who fought in the real trenches of World War 1 I can’t feel the horrid mud that wants to suck men into the ground, nor do I have to try to fight the cold that seeps into bones. Here in the comfort of a darkened room with nought but a keyboard and mouse instead of a rifle I’m perfectly safe. Nevertheless, I’m afraid.


Light Review – One Foot Still In The Shadows

Usually I like to begin reviews by talking about the game’s narrative, as I find that sets up the rest of the review nicely, providing context for just about everything else. But with Light what really needs to be tackled first are the graphics. The game is presented with a minimal style. As the player you tackle the entire game from a top-down view, with your avatar shown as a simple cube attempting to navigate a world of glowing walls and red enemy squares. Like the name implies, it’s a world made of light. As with any art-style that doesn’t conform to the norm it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but to me the game has a nice, simple, sleek look that’s pleasing to the eye.