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Irrational Games Is Shutting Down

In a surprise move Ken Levine has announced that Irrational Games, best known for the Bioshock series, is going to be shutting down after 17-years of producing titles. Levine posted the announcement on Irrational’s official site, saying: “We built Rapture and Columbia, the Von Braun and The Rickenbacker, the Freedom Fortress and some of the […]

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My Top Three Worst Games Of 2013

Having published the list of my favourite games from 2013 it made sense that I sit before my keyboard once more and write out a brief post talking about what I view as the three worst games I played in 2013, all while nursing a hangover. Yup, New Year’s Eve was….actually it was a really […]

Competition Reminder: Win Some Free Games!

Hey boys and gals, It’s almost that time of the year where random people knock on tour door and bellow songs at you, and where a fat man in a red suit breaks into your house to eat your mince pies. Also, I think Christmas is coming up. There’s just four more days left to […]

TellTale Games And Gearbox Announce Tales From The Borderlands, An Episodic Series

Well, this came out of nowhere. TellTale Games, best known for their impressive Walking Dead episodic games and the recently released Wolf Among Us, are teaming up with Gearbox to create an episodic series based on Borderlands, featuring everyone’s favorite douchebag, Handsome Jack. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal too much about what we can expect, […]

Telltale Games is Rumoured To Be Working On A Game Of Thrones Game

And the award for headline with the most uses of the word “game” goes to… According to IGN they have learned from “multiple sources” that Telltale Games next project will be none other than George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. It’s unclear as to whether this refers to the television program Game of Thrones or the […]

Why Do We Pre-Order Games? What’s The Point?

Pre-ordering video games is just one of the many, many things that baffle me about the modern gaming culture. So many people rush out to brick and mortar retailers and online retailers to pre-order a game as soon as they’ve seen a trailer or read a preview that so much as utter’s some vague praise, […]

Don’t Expect To See Darksiders 3 In The Next 2-Years, Says Reinhard Pollice Of Nordic Games

In April of this year Nordic Games spent $5-million to acquire a vast number of THQ’s IPs, and while they’ve yet to really lay the foundations for their plans going forward, Reinhard Pollice, who handles Nordic’s business and product development, did reveal some interesting snippets of information regarding what is arguably the companies most important acquirement: […]

The PS4 Will Support Pre-Owned Games And Will Require No Internet Check-Ins

At their official press conference Sony launched a brutal right-hook aimed directly at Microsoft in an announcement that for some is bound to have won them over in the so-called console war. The company announced that the PS4 is going to fully support the pre-owned market, allowing gamers to buy, sell, trade and lend games […]

Xbox One Will Not Be Backwards Compatible With Xbox 360 Games

Microsoft have revealed to The Verge that the newly announced Xbox One will not be able to play Xbox 360 games, rendering your entire collection useless unless you decide to keep your Xbox 360 rather than sell it on to help fund the upgrade to next-gen hardware. “The system is based on a different core […]

Latest Games TM Scores Are In – Metro: Last Light Does Well.

The latest issue of Games TM is hitting subscribers doorsteps today, and contained within its pages are of course many reviews, including one for the much-anticipated Metro: Last Light. They scored the game an impressive 8/10, praising its beautiful world and graphics. They touched upon the shooting mechanics which have improved considerably since the original […]