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Let’s Play Project Temporality

Project Temporality is a fascinating indie game that I currently have in for review that focuses on the use of time to solve puzzles. The player can rewind and fast forward time, as well as create clones that follow your previous actions to the letter. I’m barely an […]


Cepinas – Review

Indie Games Title Price: 80MSP Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes Co-op: No. In my eyes there are never enough space strategy games, and so it was with interest that I played Cepinas, a game that challenges you with conquering planets – by using the CONQ weapon – while stopping […]

Toy Stunt Bike – Indie Review

Comparisons to Trials HD in this review are going to be often, and for good reason as Toy Stunt Bike feels much like the massive XBLA hit, albiet without the cool announcer. The game basics are simple enough, you navigate your little bike along a series of increasingly […]