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Microsoft Announces Indie Developers Will Be Able To Self-Publish Their Games On The Xbox One

Microsoft have once again executed a complete 180-degree spin by announced that independent developers will be able to self-publish their games on the Xbox One, a reversal on Microsoft’s original policy which stated that indie developers would need a publisher in order to get their games on to the console. In a statement released today […]

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‘The Brothers Rapture’ Indie Film Visits BioShock’s Rapture Before It Went To Hell

Within BioShock can be found one of the most iconic worlds known to gaming, the vast and hauntingly beautiful Rapture, an underwater city that was once a eutopia and is now nothing more than a place of death, inhabited by Splicers and worse. Now, an indie film  is set to go back in time before […]

Interview – DJArcas, Creator of Fortresscraft

  On its very first day Fortresscraft became the best selling Indie game in the history of the Xbox 360 by selling a whopping 16,000 thousand copies. In just seven days it generated more revenue than previous record holder, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH 1N IT!!!1, made in an entire year. If you want even more statistics […]

Cepinas – Review

Indie Games Title Price: 80MSP Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes Co-op: No. In my eyes there are never enough space strategy games, and so it was with interest that I played Cepinas, a game that challenges you with conquering planets – by using the CONQ weapon – while stopping the enemy doing the same. At its heart Cepinas is […]

2010 – The Best of the Indie Games

Written by hobblejp. In this past year we’ve heard a lot from big companies. We’ve had “Pre-owned games are stealing from the mouths of Developers children” We’ve had “People playing online so much should pay us extra for the extra value” The “We can lock stuff away on our disk and charge you for it because […]

Toy Stunt Bike – Indie Review

Comparisons to Trials HD in this review are going to be often, and for good reason as Toy Stunt Bike feels much like the massive XBLA hit, albiet without the cool announcer. The game basics are simple enough, you navigate your little bike along a series of increasingly tricky obstacles trying to get the best […]

Break Limit – Indie Review

The Indie games channel has been having a good run lately, and Break Limit continues the trend of fun gameplay for little price. Break Limit costs a pretty small 80MSP, so what do you get? At it’s core Break Limit is a fairly standard idea with a few original idea’s as well. It takes the […]

Mark the Mechanic – Indie Review

Mark the Mechanic harks back to the old days of simple platforming joy and for a measly 80 Microsoft Points this is a good way to pass a half hour. Playing as a simple side-scrolling 2D adventure this is platforming at its simplest. Left, right and jump are all you need to guide your little […]

Indie Review: Fluid

RadianGames, creator of Fluid, have once again proved that a game need not have guns, layers of complex gameplay or the ability to blow up continents to be fun. Instead Fluid gives a simplistic idea with ever evolving levels and you get on with it. Fluid is a collect-and-dodge game that plays out on a […]


If you’ve read the previous post then you already know that I was away for a month doing a trial with GamerEuphoria. Well, after deciding that I wanted to keep writing for myself at the moment I’m back! That means lots of catching up to do and new games coming out, so to kick it […]