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KIller Is Dead – Review

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Reviewed On: Xbox 360 Developer: Grasshopper Manafacture Publisher: Deep Silver Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No PEGI: 18+ Me and Suda 51 have had a rocky relationship over the years. I’ve loved  his work, hated  it, and simply couldn’t get into some of it. Lollipop Chainsaw, the last game from the […]

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How F*cking Good Is Civilization V!?

NOTE: this article does contain a few pieces of strong language. You have been warned. Just recently I ventured back into the shady and delightful world of PC gaming, having been away for some considerable time due to a simple yet fatal flaw keeping me away from it: a lack of money. Those of you […]

Defiance Is Hurting Defiance

If nothing else Trion Worlds deserve kudos for attempting something very different, a blending of videogame and TV show to try and create one world wherein the events of either medium can affect the other. The result of this mad experiment was Defiance, a third-person  shooter in MMO guise. But I’m worried that Defiance is […]

FIrefly Universe Online Is Still Flying! Project Restarted With The “Well Wishes” Of Fox

It seems that Firefly Universe Online is still flying, as the game’s creators have relaunched the official Facebook page and plan on putting the project back onto Kickstarter to secure more funds for developement. If you’re unsure as to what Firefly Univers Online is then it’s an MMO based upon the utterly fantastic sci-fi/Western TV series created by […]

Battlefield 3 Beta Is Officially Over, Gameplay Tweaks Still Possible And What DICE Promise To Fix

This is the year of two FPS titans clashing in a battle so epic it may very melt our brains and make our eyes pop from exposure to sheer awesomeness! I am, of course, referring to Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3, an argument that spans the entire internet. The point is, though, that the highly […]

Interview – DJArcas, Creator of Fortresscraft

  On its very first day Fortresscraft became the best selling Indie game in the history of the Xbox 360 by selling a whopping 16,000 thousand copies. In just seven days it generated more revenue than previous record holder, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH 1N IT!!!1, made in an entire year. If you want even more statistics […]

Toy Story 3 – Review

  Release Date: Out now! Developer: Publisher: Disney Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: yes Multiplayer: No PEGI: 7 You can be forgiven for being apprehensive about yet another movie tie-in game, especially one that deals with the such a beloved series as Toy Story with which many people have grown up with. But have no such fear […]

Singularity – Review

  Release Date: Out now! Developer: Raven Publisher: Activision Singleplayer: yes Splitscreen: No Multiplayer: 2-12 PEGI:18 Singularity states that in 1950 the Russians discovered a new element, E99. With this new element they created powerful weapons and devices that could alter time itself but it proved unstable and the entire idea was abandoned. Skip forward […]

Return to Ostagar- Now available

Dragon Age: Origins fans can now relax as the new DLC, Return to Ostagar is now available to download. At the time of writing the DLC can only be found by going through Dragon Age’s main menu and into the downloadable content section. Enjoy

Return to Ostagar DLC delayed

If you were one of the many Dragon Age: Origins fans who signed into Live on the 5th of Febuary to download the Return to Ostagar DLC then you will have been surprised to find no DLC to be had. Sadly Bioware had to pull the DLC at the last moment and current have not stated why this […]