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DICE Say That The Battlefield: Bad Company Games Have Limited Appeal

I’ve been patiently awaiting news that DICE are developing a third Battlefield: Bad Company game, but it seems that my hopes and that of many others might not come to fruition any time soon. Speaking to OXM, DICE revealed that they’d personally love to craft another Bad Company game, but  EA appear to be ambivalent […]

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Collector’s Edition Paradise

Collector’s Editions, Special Editions, Limited Editions or by whatever other name they are known , have been seeing a big  price hike lately. Gone are the days when an extra £20 would see you net a nice amount of extra goodies, instead it’s not that uncommon for them to hit the £100 mark, but at […]

Forza 4 Limited Collectors Edition Announced, plus Pre-Order Bonuses and the 2012 BMW M5!

Turn 10 have just announced that they’ll be release a Limited Collectors Edition of Forza 4 alongside the regular edition of the game on October 14th. The Limited Collectors Edition will be retailing for  £59.99, but will come with plenty of stuff to make the extra money worthwhile. The Limited Collectors Edition will come packed […]

Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller

It’s hard not to sigh in anticipation when someone announces an a cool new controller and Microsoft have just done so. It’s hitting store shelves on October 5th for the price of £39.99 and will also come packed with a token to download a Fable III in-game tattoo for your character. It’s quite the painjob […]

Pre-order & Collectors Madness!

With the Summer Drought away to end there is a host of games ready to be released with a few starting this month! Then in September it really hits as games start coming in. So to help you out here’s some of the choicest  upcoming games with some sweet Editions, all of which can be […]

Fallout: New Vegas Collectors Edition

All you Fallout fans can throw your hats in the air and shout ” Hell yeah!” as the Collectors Edition for New Vegas has been revealed, and shall contain: ♠ “Lucky 7” poker chips. Each of the seven poker chips was designed to represent chips from the major casinos found on the New Vegas strip […]

Splinter Cell: Conviction-Limited Collectors edition announced

Fans of Splinter Cell will be happy to hear that Ubisoft have just announced a Limited Collectors Edition for Conviction,set to contain: A Sam Fisher statue Steel book case Infiltration Mode: eliminate all enemies without being detected Shadow Armour Early access to 3 weapons: the sc300,SR2 and MP5 Splinter Cell Conviction soundtrack So far pricing […]