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EA Discontinuing Their Online Pass System – Gamers Celebrating!

In a surprising move the behemoth known as EA have announced that they will be ditching their Online Pass, a system which has been used in numerous games now despite the very vocal gaming community expressing their utter  distaste of the practice, a practice introduced to allow publishers and developers to try to earn some […]

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FIrefly Universe Online Is Still Flying! Project Restarted With The “Well Wishes” Of Fox

It seems that Firefly Universe Online is still flying, as the game’s creators have relaunched the official Facebook page and plan on putting the project back onto Kickstarter to secure more funds for developement. If you’re unsure as to what Firefly Univers Online is then it’s an MMO based upon the utterly fantastic sci-fi/Western TV series created by […]

Do Us A Favor And Help Out Rawr Audio!

As many of you guys and gals already know I occasionally like to post up videos and updates on a friend of mine, a musician by the name of Geoff Sharp, who writes and performs all of his own stuff. And even if you missed those updates you could hardly miss the fact that there’s a […]

First Details Of The Elder Scrolls Online Appear. Players Can Become Emperor!

In today’s world it’s pretty tough to keep a secret, so it’s hardly surprising that mere hours after it’s announcement as the cover story for the June edition of Game Informer, the first details of Bethesda’s new MMO The Elder Scrolls online have appeared, courtesy of a leaked digital version of the magazine. Out of […]

Bethesda Announce The Elder Scrolls Online!

For years gamers have been talking about the possibility of Bethesda creating an MMO set in the Elder Scrolls world, allowing us to team up with fellow players anc explore the iconic land. Well, now all of your wet dreams have come true as Bethesda have today announced The Elder Scrolls Online, coming to PC and […]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’s “Online Pass” Is Day-1 DLC, Explains Curt Schilling

Recently gamers have been in uproar over the announcement that 38 Studio’s and Big Huge Games new action-RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning would be using the dreaded Online Pass. it was reported that this online pass, which would be free to anyone who bought the game new, would lock gamers who purchase the game second-hand out of […]

Battlefield 3 Online Pass Not Working? EA Aren’t Helping.

EA’s Online Pass scheme has now become an everyday part of gaming, with those who purchase the game new getting a code to play online and those purchasing the game pre-owned having to buy the Online Pass from the marketplace allowing EA to reap some profits from the second-hand market. But let’s not get into […]

SEGA Rally Online Arcade – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title Price: 800 Microsoft Points. Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes SEGA Rally has made many fond memories for gamers around the world. Thrashing mates in the local Arcade was an awesome experience, and back in 2007 SEGA decided to bring back the ultimate arcade rally game onto consoles and it did pretty well, […]

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Activision Singleplayer: Yes Local Co-op/Co-op: Yes. 2 Players Online Multiplayer/ Co-op: No. PEGI: 7+ LEGO games get around a fair bit, don’t they? But it’s been a while since I’ve played one (LEGO Harry Potter being the last) and that break has done me good as Clone […]

Sega Rally Online Arcade Announced

  Sliding around dirt corners and unsafe velocities is a hobby we could all do with more of.  So it’s good news that Sega have just announced a new Sega Rally title will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade in….well, 2011. Sometime. “We’ve blended our hit arcade racing series with the best elements from the […]