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Razer Arctosa Keyboard – Review

Razer are doing very well for themselves. Their logo is easily recognizable and they’ve developed quite a reputation for creating good gaming gear. The Razer Arctosa is designed as an entry level piece of equipment, squarely aimed at those who want to upgrade to a gaming keyboard but don’t want to have to go to all […]

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The Razer Onza Controller Ships Soon.

A new controller is going to hit the Xbox market soon in the form of Razers new Onza Standard controller. The new controller will feature Razers Hyperesponse buttons along with a new d-pad design for extra precision (should be good for fighting game fans then) and also features two multi-function buttons that sit above the […]

2 new Xbox peripherals

Razer (known for there high quality PC gear) are now entering the xbox market with 2 new peripherals for the Xbox 360. “Just as we did for PC gamers, we are really looking forward to revolutionizing the world of console gaming by creating a controller and gaming headset that gives console gamers the same level of […]