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A Borderlands Prequel/Sequel Starring A Young Handsome Jack Is Apparently In Development

  It wasn’t long ago that Gearbox said they weren’t working on Borderlands 3 currently. They weren’t lying, according to a new report by GamesPointNow, just sort of glossing over the fact that a new Borderlands game is in the works. Naturally take this rumour with a pinch of salt as the site is unwilling […]

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Tropico 5 Announced For 2014

Kalypso have today ventured forth to declare that Tropico 5, the fifth game in the series, in case you were wondering, will be arriving on Windows PC, Xbox 360, Linux and Mac sometime in 2014. The major new additions for this iteration is co-operative and competitive multiplayer, which allows you and up to three other […]

Square Enix CEO Confirms Next-Generation Sequel For Tomb Raider

Although Square Enix viewed sale numbers for their reboot of Tomb Raider as disappointing, the CEO of Square Enix in America and Europe has confirmed the existence of a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel, which is apparently already well into its development cycle. The news arrived via a long blog post in which the CEO explained […]

Don’t Expect To See Darksiders 3 In The Next 2-Years, Says Reinhard Pollice Of Nordic Games

In April of this year Nordic Games spent $5-million to acquire a vast number of THQ’s IPs, and while they’ve yet to really lay the foundations for their plans going forward, Reinhard Pollice, who handles Nordic’s business and product development, did reveal some interesting snippets of information regarding what is arguably the companies most important acquirement: […]

Nordic Say No Darksiders Game This Year, Because They Don’t Believe In Bringing Out Sh*t Sequels.

Nordic games, the publishers who bought the vast majority of THQ’s remaining assets in the final auction, have earned some serious respect points from me thanks to their comments to Game Informer. Speaking to Game Informer Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors was first all very honest about his company and why he’s in business: “We have to […]

Rockstar Hint At New Red Dead Game Again, But Still No Confirmation On Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar recently held a Q&A session for their fans which has gotten the Internet all hot and bothered with sites making bold headlines proclaiming that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been officially announced. Let’s just hold onto our horses here, because Rockstar haven’t announced Red Dead Redemption 2. So, what did they say? When a […]

Bioware Asks Fans If They Want The Next Mass Effect Game To Be a Prequel Or a Sequel

It was just a short while ago that Bioware announced they were in the early conceptual phases of creating a brand new game running on the Frostbite engine set in their Mass Effect universe. The announcement came from Bioware Montrael who would be developing the game, who stated that they’d be, “very respectful” of the franchise and the universe as a whole, but […]

The Next Mass Effect Game Will Run On The Frostbite Engine And Will Be Developed By Bioware Montreal

Just yesterday Bioware revealed via Twitter that the next Mass Effect game was already in the early planning stages.  Now they’ve also revealed that the game is going to be handled by Bioware Montreal rather than Bioware Edmonton, and that, like Dragon Age III, it will use the Frostbite engine as its foundation. The news comes via Bioware’s official blog […]

Mass Effect Sequel In Early Stages Of Developement.

Mass Effect 3 may have been the end of Shepard’s story, but Bioware have made no secret of the fact that they were planning on creating more Mass Effect titles, and considering the depth of the universe they’ve crafted who can really blame them – there’s just so much they could do with all that lore lying around […]

Naughty Bear Is Getting An XBLA And PSN Sequel!

Naughty Bear didn’t exactly perform well critically, getting pretty much panned by bother games and critics alike, and so it pretty much slipped under the radar of most people. It’s all a bit of a shame, really, because while the game was pretty bad, the actual concept was rather awesome: you got to play as […]