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SBK 2011 Screenshots

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Mortal Kombat – Preview

The name Mortal Kombat resonates with gamers all over the world. It conjures images of  of brutality, blood and fast combat that kept legions of people hooked on the gameplay for years, but the modern versions of the beloved series haven’t had quite the impact of the original games. But Mortal Kombat is returning with a new attitude […]

Alice: Madness Returns – Wonderland gets bloody

Hands up if you’ve ever heard of or played American McGee’s Alice  which took the beloved concept of Alice in Wonderland and went all bloody, disturbing and freaky on it. It got itself a bit of a cult following when it was released ten years ago and now EA and Spicy Horse Games have announced a […]

Battlefield:Bad Company 2- Preview

Bad Company is still a hugely popular game on Xbox Live,and with the release of Bad Company 2 drawing nearer and nearer the fans are gearing up for some more high-octane action. So how is Bad Company 2 going to improve on the Battlefield formula? Bad Company 2 promises to ramp up the multiplayer action […]