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Special Forces: Team X – Review

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360 Reviewed On: Xbox 360 Developer: Zombie Publisher: Atari Singleplayer: No Multiplayer: Yes Genre: Third-person shooter. Bearing the most generic name in the history of generic names, Zombie’s new cover-based multiplayer shooter Special Forces: Team X has arrived on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, promising fast-paced paced action aplenty. And it has […]

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Special Forces: Team X Arriving On Steam And XBLA This Week

If you’re after some multiplayer 3rd person, fast-paced, cover-based action then this might just be just be your week as Zombie Studios latest game, Special Forces: Team X will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on February, 6th. The name is incredibly generic, but the game does have some interesting features to make […]

Marvel Vs. Capcom – UK & Ireland Pre-order details.

With Marvel Vs. Capcom due to hit on the 18th of February it’s time to give details on what pre-order bonuses you can lay your mitts on. The vast majority of retailers will be giving out T-shirts for pre-order, with color and design varying according to who you order with. Gamestation and Shopto get a […]

Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller

It’s hard not to sigh in anticipation when someone announces an a cool new controller and Microsoft have just done so. It’s hitting store shelves on October 5th for the price of £39.99 and will also come packed with a token to download a Fable III in-game tattoo for your character. It’s quite the painjob […]

Pre-order & Collectors Madness!

With the Summer Drought away to end there is a host of games ready to be released with a few starting this month! Then in September it really hits as games start coming in. So to help you out here’s some of the choicest  upcoming games with some sweet Editions, all of which can be […]

Fable 3 – Create your own villager!

How would you like to create a villager for Fable 3? One that will appear in your game and no-one elses and give you a quest! Well now you can, for those that pre-order Fable 3 you’ll be given a code enabling you to import your created villager into the game. Don’t worry anybody can […]

Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge Special Edition – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Lucas Arts Publisher: Lucas Arts Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Nope Multiplayer: Nope PEGI: 10 (Xbox Live Arcade Title priced at 800 Microsoft Points) Ah fond memories of moving my pixellated Guybrush around a screen whilst randomly clicking anything that even looked remotely like a usable item brings tears to my eyes. In many […]

(E3) Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2-Trailer and Collectors Editon

A collectors edition for the new game has been revealed: The limited Collector’s Edition includes… – A collectable SteelBookTM – Exclusive in-game content… o Three exclusive challenge mode levels, o An exclusive Ralph McQuarrie concept “Deak Starkiller” skin o An exclusive Lightsaber crystal – An exclusive MIMOBOT® designer 2GB USB Flash Drive that comes preloaded […]

Fable III Collectors Edition

Ahhhh Collectors Editions, yes they cost more but sometimes you just can’t say no! Well Fable III is getting the special treatment as well, so upon its release you can look forward to all of this stuff: “The Limited Collector’s Edition offers unique collectibles that true “Fable” fans won’t want to miss, including downloadable content, […]

Fallout: New Vegas Collectors Edition

All you Fallout fans can throw your hats in the air and shout ” Hell yeah!” as the Collectors Edition for New Vegas has been revealed, and shall contain: ♠ “Lucky 7” poker chips. Each of the seven poker chips was designed to represent chips from the major casinos found on the New Vegas strip […]