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Fable III – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Lionhead Publisher: Microsoft Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Yes, 2 player Multiplayer: Online co-op mode PEGI: 16 It may have been a year since Fable II but in-game it has been a whole fifty years since the events of the previous game and Albion has changed for both better and worse. The […]

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Crackdown 2 – DLC detailed and priced.

At last Crackdown 2′s DLC plan gets some detail as Ruffian let out the details of the Toy Box add-on. No specific release date except “coming soon” was used but the pack will come in two flavors. The standard version is completely free to download and gives players access to: Keys to the City: Made […]

Borderlands – Claptraps New Robot Revolution!

Not that long ago we reported that details on the upcoming DLC 4 pack for Borderlands had been leaked, and now Gearbox have officially announced the brand new DLC pack for Borderlands titled Claptraps New Robot Revolution! This new DLC will come in with 20 new missions for the cost of 800MSP and will see […]

Borderlands – DLC 4 gets leaked.

Ah, you PC gamers. We love you. Handy little PC gamer Legendrew has discovered a load of new stuff partaining to DLC 4 for Borderlands in the latest update. Warning, the following will containt story spoilers: In essence the new DLC will be focusing on the ultra cool Ninja style Claptrap. Hyperion created this whacky […]

Bioshock 2 “Minerva’s Den” DLC

The demand for singleplayer DLC for Bioshock 2 has been huge and while the Protector Trials fit the bill, they’re not exactly what people were asking for. But now a new DLC for Bioshock 2 has been announced, titled Minerva’s Den you will be taking control of a brand new character and helping Brigid Tenenbaum […]

DeathSpank – Review

Release Date: Out now! Developer: Hothead Games Publisher: EA Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Yes Multiplayer: No, Local Co-op only (Xbox Live Arcade Title) DeathSpank. With a name like that you can tell that it deserves a ten straight away. Sadly I can’t just review a game based on its short and frankly great name.   Damn. Coming […]

Alpha Protocol review

  Release Date: Developer: Obsidian Publisher: Sega Singleplayer: yes Splitscreen:  no Multiplayer: no PEGI: 15+ Alpha Protocol has the right idea’s, as it proudly claims on the box it’s an espionage RPG allowing you take on the role of Mike Thorton, the latest recruit to the secretive Alpha Protocol agency who work outside of the normal […]

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. new details revealed

Ubisoft have given up some more information on Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, the game will be shipping in late 2010 and is actually being developed by several Ubisoft studio’s at the same time; “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is a worldwide production effort led by the Ubisoft Montreal Studio in collaboration with Ubisoft studios in Singapore, Bucharest, Québec […]

Splinter Cell: Conviction review

  Release Date: Out now Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Singleplayer: yes Splitscreen: yes, 2 player Multiplayer: 2, 1v1 game type PEGI: 15+     Splinter Cell: Conviction is a fairly large departure from the previous iteration of Splinter Cell games as it goes for a more aggressive stealth and more action feeling. In fact as I played […]

New Just Cause 2 DLC on the way

Just Cause 2 has some major flaws ( *cough* missions *cough) but it’s still a massive sandbox game where insane stunts are perfectly acceptable. Now it’s getting 2 more DLC packs to download. On April 29th it will be getting the “Black Market Aerial Pack” which will cost 160 MS points and contains: • F-33 […]