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Two Worlds II Velvet Edition

While Two Worlds II may have had a more confusing release than Duke Nukem: Forever, it did turn out to be a truly fun RPG. The confusion caused when the games release got delayed a week before launch, several times, also saw the Collectors Edition become an Amazon exclusive which resulted in many people never […]

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Interview – DJArcas, Creator of Fortresscraft

  On its very first day Fortresscraft became the best selling Indie game in the history of the Xbox 360 by selling a whopping 16,000 thousand copies. In just seven days it generated more revenue than previous record holder, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH 1N IT!!!1, made in an entire year. If you want even more statistics […]

Two Worlds III Confirmed Amongst Controversy

It’s been an unusual week for the Two Worlds series as the third game in the series appears to have been confirmed as a reaction to accusations involving relatively low reviews of Two Worlds II in the UK . Beefjack.com recently received insider information that Topware had blacklisted certain sites and publications due to low review scores. Topware […]

Two Worlds II – Review

Release Date: February 25th (UK) Developer: Reality Pump Publisher: Topware Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: No Multiplayer: 2-8 players PEGI: 16 If you’re reading this then congratulations are in order because you’ve managed to overcome any and all prejudices about Two Worlds II, after all the first game didn’t exactly light the world up with its brilliance, but […]

Two Worlds II Delayed Again – But the New Release is Final!

It’s yet more bad news for RPG fans as Two Worlds II suffers yet another delay, but this time it’s due to a large portion of their stock being wrecked on its journey from China to the UK. Topware, who are handling the publishing duties for the UK, have informed Eurogamer “We just received the […]

Two Worlds II UK Release Delayed Again

If you’re like me then you’re willing to put the past behind you because Two Worlds II is looking amazing, but then you’ll be dissapointed to find out that the UK release of the game has been delayed yet again, with the new release date set at the 18th of February. This is following two […]

Marvel Vs. Capcom – UK & Ireland Pre-order details.

With Marvel Vs. Capcom due to hit on the 18th of February it’s time to give details on what pre-order bonuses you can lay your mitts on. The vast majority of retailers will be giving out T-shirts for pre-order, with color and design varying according to who you order with. Gamestation and Shopto get a […]