Trials HD-The Big Pack fully detailed

As im sure you Trials fanatics know,the Big Pack is being released on the 23rd of December for the small sum of 400MSP.

But what exactly are you getting for your money?

take a deep breath,here we go:

23 brand new tracks,thats 12 medium tracks,9 hard tracks and 2 extreme tracks.
Each track is also going to be heavily focused on the new Editor items to show what can be done with them.

For example:

A zero gravity style track using the new Wind gust items while another track will have you riding through Air Ducts on the Donkey bike.

There’s going to be 5 new tournements that are based around the 23 new tracks along with 12 brand new Skill Games to play around.

And if you love the Track Editor then your going to love the 50 (yup,50) new items being added into the editor such as rocket turbines,motors,rotating platforms,piston-like oil drums and the other items mentioned above.

Add in another 50 gamerpoints to be won as well.

Alongside the Big Pack there will be an update for the game itself which will remove the Down The Stairs glitch and  corrupt leaderboard positions will be removed and all future corrupt positions will be removed as well.

The update is also going to tone down the Ultimate Endurance tournements difficulty and make the Marathon achievement easier,which in my opinion is a terrible thing.

And last but not least they will be doubling the amount of Tracks you can save to your HDD.

Still now sign of sharing tracks with everyone else though….

Remember: 23rd of December,400 MSP.

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