Assassins Creed DLC detailed

Ubisoft are starting to slowly give up details on the new Assassins Creed 2 DLC.

The Battle of Forli will be released in late January (no solid release date as of yet) and will give players a further 6 missions to playthrough.
Ezio will be defending the Orsi brothers whilst trying to retain a piece of Eden.
they will also be using the rather underutilised Flying Machine.
The Battle for Forli will be roughly 1GB in size and is priced at 320 MSP which is a fantastic price for such a large piece of content.

The Bonfire of the Vanities will expand on Florence  and cover the evens surrounding Savonarola,this new area of Florence will give players 10 new missions to work through as well as a new move called  “spring jump”.
This piece of DLC will set you back just 400MSP and is also around 1GB in size.

So thats 2GB worth of DLC for a total of 720MSP and provides 16 missions,a new move and expands on the story.

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