Battlefield:Bad Company 2- Preview

Bad Company is still a hugely popular game on Xbox Live,and with the release of Bad Company 2 drawing nearer and nearer the fans are gearing up for some more high-octane action.

So how is Bad Company 2 going to improve on the Battlefield formula?

Bad Company 2 promises to ramp up the multiplayer action with more mayhem and even more destructable environment’s,unlike the original Bad Company it will now be possible to completely level a building.
Throw in even more map variety such as snow maps and jungles and fans are going to be pleased.

But wait…there’s more.

Bad Company 2 will be shipping with a total of 4 multiplayer modes and 16 maps to keep players happy.
Players can expect to see the return of Gold Rush (renamed to just Rush)
which see’s you trying to attack/defend 2 crates,when these are destroyed the map opens up a little more and 2 more crates appear.
Dot his 4 times to achieve victory if you’re the attackers,or deplete the enemies reinforcement bar if you’re the defenders to win.

Conquest also makes a welcome return along with 2 new modes,1 of which is Squad Deathmatch.
Sounds simple?
However Dice have mixed it up a little,instead of 2 teams facing each other down there are going to be 4 teams of 4 players each battling to score 50 kills.
This makes sure the action is non stop as your always going to be fighting,and to spice things up there will be 1 vehicle in the centre of the map.

Bad Company 2 will also be stepping onto Modern Warfare 2’s turf with the promise of kit customisation and specialisations (almost exactly like perks in COD:MW2) that will add extra vehicle armour or make you more accurate.
It also seems that you will be able to add red dot sights and different scops to your weapons as well as choose between things like short and long-barreled grenade launchers.
The actual variety of customisation is still being kept under wraps,but it’s going to have to be fairly extensive to trump Modern Warfare 2’s options.

At this point Dice are promising 46 weapons with 200 customizations and 15 specialisations to keep players happy.

There also going to be making it easier to kill opponents as well as adding in a Hardcore mode which will remove your hud and of course make killing people a one hit deal.
Playing Hardcore on Bad Company 2’s huge open maps is going to be an experience akin to Operation Flashpoint in my eyes with snipers being a lethal danger.

Gone are the health syringe’s from the first Bad Company and in its place comes a slow health regeneration system,so finding cover after a bad firefight will be all important as you wait to regain your health.

Dice are also dropping the Class count from 5 to 4,removing the Specialist altogether.
The Specialists equipment is going to be distributed to other class’s now.

Among the new additions are some new vehicles including the Apache Gunship,Quadbikes,the T-90 Russian Tank and a Blackhawk helicopter capable of transporting 4 people at a time.
Oh,and throw in parachutes as well and you open up the strategic advantages of Paratroopers who can drop behind enemy lines.

Single player is being kept fairly quiet,however we do know the original Bad Company guys will be back for Bad Company 2 and Dice are promising a “darker and more mature storyline”

There’s also a special edition of Bad Company 2 and it only costs the same price as the standard edition,but stocks are limited so hurry if you want to get early unlocks of:

. Improved Vehicle Armour – An Up-Armour package mounted on all vehicle types decreases the effect of both explosive and penetrating warheads, significantly improving vehicle survivability.

 Vehicle Alternate Fire – Additional weapon packages mounted for the driver of all armoured vehicles, greatly expands the range of targets the vehicle can successfully engage and destroy.

 Vehicle Motion Sensor – Upgraded Sensor to locate enemy units in direct proximity to the vehicle.

 Tracer Dart Pistol – Launched by compressed air, this magnetic dart attaches to any vehicle surface, allows friendly shoulder launched rockets to lock on to and track moving targets even beyond line of sight.

2 Classic Battlefield 1943 Weapons:

5. M1A1 Submachine Gun – Popular with Paratrooper and Commando units in WW2 for its rate of fire and stopping power the M1A1 is still seen in the hands of paramilitaries today. Reliable but heavy this classic weapon is still a powerful force in the hands of a Battlefield Veteran.

6. M1911 Pistol – Adopted in 1911 by the US Army the M1911 saw heavy service in WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. Highly customised M1911 are still favored by Special Operations forces for its reliability and the power of its large .45 calibre round

With Battlefield: Bad Company’s fantastic graphics and intense battles it’s going to be the hot multiplayer game of 2010,competing with Modern Warfare 2 for the top spot.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is released on 05/03/2010

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  1. I must say I love the way every shooter must now be compared and contrasted with MW2. Is this the new benchmark for FPS’s, I hope not, the only really good thing about that game was the marketing push behind it. In any case BC2 is warfare on a scale way beyond MW2, the destrcution alone sets it apart. Would love to point out that believe it or not MW2 did not invent kit customisation, they just robbed it from Rainbow Six titles which was using it with over 10 years ago. Thanks for listening to my little rant and if anyone is looking for a copy of mw2 ill be throwing it out my window in a little over a month.

    • I agree, I dont compare the game at all to MW2 except that they are both shooters.
      Both are amazing games and both play differently.

      The reason I used MW2 as a comparision is for ease of reading as it is a game most people are familiar with.

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