Dante’s Inferno Demo- preview

Those of you who have experienced God of War are going to feel at home in the latest gore fest that is Dante’s Inferno.

This demo (released into Xbox Live Marketplace on the 24th od December) provides  a good-sized chunk of hack n slash gameplay,a genre which is currently championed on the Xbox 360 by Devil May Cry 4.
However that could soon change as Dante’s Inferno seem’s to have the skills to take on the red cloaked Dante from Devil May Cry.

Kicking off with some of the most beautiful cut scene graphics that I have ever witness,Dante’s Inferno kept me interested from beginning to end of this fantastic demo.
it then shifts to an unusual hand drawn look that is very hard to describe but gives the game a unique look as it tells it’s story.

Be warned this is no game from kids as you find full nudity almost from the outset and,of course,there is large amount of gore and decapitations thrown in to make sure this game truly deserves it’s 18+ rating.

But of course in a hack n slash game it’s the gameplay that counts the most and it’s certainly not lacking in Dante’s Inferno.
Once again you get the God of War vibe when you enter combat,but you wont care much as you leap,slice and decapitate everything that moves.

Combat is done through the use of many factors:
you have your standard light and heavy attacks along with your long ranged attacks as well,but you can also grab your opponents to activate the Absolve or Punish system,where you have to choose between to actions.
If you choose to absolve them you will hold a cross to there head and they disappear in an explosion of light,this scores you “holy” points to choose from the game’s vast selection of upgrades and skills.
Hit “punish” and you finish them in a brutal manner and score “unholy” points,which once again go towards levelling up.
Mix in spectacular magic attacks and some QTE (quick time events) finishes (which look exceptionally brutal) and you have an incredibly smooth and fun combat system that provides a good amount of depth.

As you enter the upgrade menu you will notice that the game has a vast amount of options to choose from.
You can choose from a huge array of moves and skills in the 2 skill branches, “holy” and “unholy”.
The Holy branch appears to focus more on your cross weapon whilst the unholy branch seems to focus more on your melee weapons,such as the giant scythe that you claim early in the demo (in a spectacular fashion)

In-game graphics are very nice,though I did notice a lack of texture occasionally and some of the background details could sometimes look blocky and undefined (the ships in the background on the very first part of the demo are a good example) but overall they game moves at a great 60FPS and there’s always something happening to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Dante’s Inferno’s musical score is a fantastic example of drawing a player into a game with a rousing score that felt perfect for the game and always suited the feel and look of the locations.

Thought it may feel like God of War in places there’s no denying that Dante’s Inferno is set to be something truly special and could well claim the crown of Xbox 360’s Best Hack n Slash game from long time holder Devil May Cry 4.

Dante’s Inferno batter’s into store shelves on 05/02/2010,but until then grab the demo and delve into a truly fantastic game.

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