Crackdown 2- Preview

The original Crackdown never got the attention it deserved and Microsoft knew it would not hence the fact that every copy of Crackdown came with a free invitation to the Halo 3 Beta.
Sadly most people took this as a “buy the Halo 3 Beta and get Crackdown free” sort of deal.

However Crackdown 2 is getting the attention it so richly deserves.
Crackdown was a boyhood fantasy game that gave players control over a super powered Agent,capable of jumping 30ft and throwing trucks with ease.
But now it’s sequel (developed by Ruffian instead of Crackdown’s Realtime Worlds) is set to expand on the already insane brand of action of Crackdown.
You can now run faster,jump higher and hit harder.

Set 10 years after the events of Crackdown,Pacific City is a mess.
A civilian rebellion know as the Cell is now fighting the Agency using guerilla tactics.
But at night things get worse…..
Those of you with a good memory may remember accidently unleashing a deadly virus on Pacific City in the events of the original Crackdown that transformed innocent civilians into angry mutants who are just as strong and fast as the Agents.

10 years later and the virus has spread and a sizable chunk of Pacific City’s population have been infected.
At night-time these deranged freaks come out to play and no longer are the Agent’s the most powerful force in Crackdown’s world,which is a scary thought indeed.

Thankfully you have access to an expanded arsenal of weaponry to fight the mutant threat.
UV weapons are the item of the day here,these light based weapons deal major damage to the shambling horrors.

The Agent’s themselves have also changed and they now resemble human tanks.
Decked out in heavy armour these new Agents create an imposing figure to look at and now have a much weightier feel in the world.
Once again as you upgrade your skill’s your agent will change to reflect this.
However this time round the change’s will more reflect the Agents becoming more machine than man.

Ruffian have also dealt with the complaint of their being only one melee move in Crackdown.
Agent’s will now have access to a large range of melee move’s at there disposal,though they will still be mapped to just a single button.
environments will also play a big part in combat now as almost anything can be picked up and used as a weapon.

One of the most interesting new item’s is the Mag Grenade’s.
These little beauty’s come in 2 parts and you attach both ends to any objects and this creates an energy line between the 2 grenades and you can then attach objects to this line,such as cars.
That’s right,you could attach a car to the line and then pull the car back and use it as a catapult.
It’s things like this that really show off the sandbox nature of Crackdown.

Agent’s can now look forward to even more toys to play such as the Glide Suit which will allow players to glide gently over the city.
You can also look forward to unlocking the ultra powerful Agency Helicopter.
However only the most powerful Agents will unlock this later in the game so it does not unbalance the early game.
Though Ruffian have said that inventive players will probably come up with some way of getting the Helicopter early.

Ruffian are also beefing up the multiplayer aspect’s of Crackdown by throwing in a 4 player co-op and a 16 player multiplayer that will include the standard Deathmatch game’s and other game mode’s such as Rocket Tag.

And to round everything off,Ruffian are promising easier Driving Skill levelling up by performing things like powerslides and Agent customisation along with even more weaponry and abilities.

There’s still things that need to be fixed from the original such as the lack of any real story and its repetitive mission structure.

But even if they fail to sort those problems (though i’m sure they will) you can still look forward to an amazing game that will blow you away.

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