Brutal Legend-Review

Brutal Legend is a heavy metal lovers dream game.
A huge open world populated by Heavy Metal Album covers makes for a land that is truly fun to explore.

The main highlight of Brutal Legend is its fantastic sense of humour that has you grinning from ear to ear for most of the game,though sadly the humour does die off in the second half of the game.
Players take control of the main character,Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black) who is sent back in time to a world of Heavy Metal,it’s a game setting that will make many people drool.

Brutal Legend starts off as an open world,hack n slash game thats fun to play.
Gameplay is mixed up with some tag team moves with other game characters and you get your own car,it simplistic yet very fun to play though the combat does feel lacking in terms of depth.
You later gain access to Guitar Solo’s which can melt faces,summon your car and other sweet things.
However as the game progress’s Brutal Legend takes an unusual change into the RTS direction,starting out with some basic troops and squad commands it soon developes into a full blown RTS style game,though lacking the depth of a true RTS.
The two genre’s mix together fairly well and is enjoyable but sadly the Hack n Slash gameplay does not have the depth of a true Hack n Slash and the RTS elements are also lacking the depth of a true RTS.
The RTS battles play out with very basic squad commands,but oddly you have to be fairly close to units to issue orders which can make for a lot of running around the battlefield to issue even basic orders.
But there are a good variety of units on offer,all based around Heavy Metal.

Players can also purchase upgrades for there character and for there Guitar and Axe,along with upgrades for their car (known as the Deuce)
which add’s a nice layer of gameplay to the whole thing.
As is standard with many open world games there are a variety of collectibles to find and side quests to take part in.
While these side quests are enjoyable to begin with it does get tiring as they repeat themselves over and over and by the end of them you are fed up with repeating the same tasks again and again.

The graphics in Brutal Legend are a unique style that cannot be placed in on catagory and though they lack a little in technical detail such as some slightly blocky models the art style more than makes up for this with some beautiful game world locations and character designs.
Mix this with some first class voice acting, a well told and fun story and plenty of celebrity guest appearances from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and the overall atmosphere of the game will keep you smiling from beginning to end.

Sadly the games single player is relatively short,clocking in at around 7-8 hours and is fairly easy to beat on any difficulty setting.
There is a multiplayer mode to the game which plays like the RTS battles from the single player,pitching 2 or more players against each other.
Sadly this mostly degenerates into building a load of units and throwing them at each other,but now and then you will get a true battle where tactics will count more than brute force.

All in all Brutal Legend is a very enjoyable game that combines 2 genre’s into an unusual mix that can lack the depth of the true genre’s but still provides a very entertaining mix with a fantastic story to back it up and some first class voice acting.


Graphics: 86%
Lacking in technical detail,but has some beautiful art design.

Gameplay: 84%
Both the Hack n Slash gameplay and RTS gameplay is fun,but does lack a lot of depth.

Lifespan: 83%
a fun but fairly short single player campaign mixed with a good multiplayer mode.

Overall:  85%
Fun to play and a sense of humour that keeps you smiling.

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