Trials HD- Review

( Xbox Live Arcade game)

It’s amazing how such a simplistic concept can become so highly addictive and popular.

The concept is simple,guide your Trials rider over increasingly difficult obstacles.
This can quickly become a frustrating,yet highly rewarding experiance,as Trials HD pulls no punches on the difficulty.
While you may breeze through the begginer and medium tracks once you hit the hard tracks it becomes a diffrent experiance.
By time you hit the insane tracks the controller will be going through the window.

The game itself plays out in 2D but uses 3D graphics and looks simply stunning for a Arcade title and even in a full price title they would still be good.
Everything is rendered in fantastic detail and the game runs smoothly at almost all points,though you my experiance some slowdown when you use too many physics based objects in the Track Editor.

It’s the track editor that adds massive replayability to Trials HD.
It’s simple to begin constructing your first track as the editor is fairly user friendly.
However those willing to spend more time on there creations can creat some truly outstanding tracks.
Simplistic on the surface but actually very deep describes the game very well in all respects as the basic concept of balancing your rider is simple,yet requires dedication to master.
The fact that you can only share your user created tracks with friends only is a dissapointing fact about the game,however it’s a fairly minor gripe.

Trials HD’s lifespan is massively increased by the simple competitive nature of destroying your friends time’s on the leader board.
Mix that with a good number of tracks and the editor and you have a Arcade game that will keep you playing for a long time to come.

Casual players may find the fairly high difficulty rating off-putting as the game really does not pull any punches,however this does lead to some of the best moments in gaming as you finally beat that Inferno track.

Sadly Trials HD is priced at a high 1200 points,however you are getting a massively addictive game that is more than worth it’s wieght in points.


Graphics: 92%
Outstanding graphics for an arcade title

Gameplay: 94%
Addictive,simple and satisying

Lifespan: 88%
many may be put off by the steep learning curve,but for those they stay with it it’s a huge game that keeps you playing.

Arcade gaming at its best.

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