Dragon Age:Origins-Awakening

Today EA announced the first expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Dragon Age:Origins.

Titled The Awakening this expanison pack will be hitting Xbox 360 on March 16th and will set you back $39.99 which is £25.95 at current exchange rates,so expect it to retail for £25.

The Awakening will be giving players access to a massive new land called Amaranthine.

The events in Awakening are set after the climatic events of Origins and will see the player discovering the true motivations of the Darkspawn and there dark secrets.
You can expect to face new enemies such as the Inferno Golem and Spectral Dragon and an evolved and  intelligent breed of Darkspawn.

Awakening is also adding a whole range of new features such as the ability to re-spec your character,increased level cap,new spells,abilites,specialisations and items as well as 5 new party members!

You can also import your character from Dragon Age:Origins along with your party members or start the game with a new character who will be a Grey Warden commander,tasked with rebuilding the Grey Warden Order.
Along the way you will be faced with many new moral choices such as how you want to rebuild the order of the Grey Wardens.

“Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening shows BioWare’s commitment to our fans by delivering new story-driven experiences which enrich the dark heroic fantasy universe our fans have come to know and love,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group, EA, and Co-Founder, BioWare. “The vibrant worldwide community of Dragon Age fans will relish uncovering the secret motivations of the darkspawn, revealing how the darkspawn continue to infest the world despite the defeat of the Archdemon.”

The Awakening will require Dragon Age: Origins to play and is rated 18+.

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