Dark Void- Hands on Preview

A demo of Dark Void was released yesterday onto Xbox Live Marketplace,allowing players to strap on there jetpack and take to the skies.

You can read our original preview HERE

The demo starts off with the games main character,Will,finding a Jetpack.
This starts your tutorial into Dark Voids flying mechanics as you soar above the ground.
Tapping Y sends you hurtling into the sky while tapping A switches you into hover mode.
The flying mechanics feel very smooth and are easy to grasp,though the lack of Lock-on targeting makes dogfighting awkward as you often lose sight of your intended target.
Blasting around the sky is great fun and the Jetpack comes with in-built guns allowing for some great dogfighting battles with the games flying UFO enemies.

These flying ships can also be Hijacked by flying close and tapping B which initiates a mini-game style even to steal the enemy craft which you can then pilot,using controls like the Jetpack to do so.

Back on ground and Dark Void is a competent,though nothing special,shooter.
using a Gears of War style cover system you tap X  to slam into cover where you can then blindfire or aim to hit your enemies.

The guns feel chunky and are enjoyable to use as you fight the enemy.
You can also pick up the alien weapons and use them,though they felt a little weak.

In terms of graphics Dark Void is a pretty game,though you will notice some slight lack of details in texture but it’s nothing serious.
The art design has a slight Mass Effect feel to it at times and the enemies have a sligh Geth (again,from Mass Effect) look to them.
All in all though the art design reminds me most of a b-grade movie with it’s looks and the sheer size of your environments is astounding.

Great flying mechanics set the game apart and while ground based combat wont amaze you it’s still an enoyable experiance.
Dark Void is looking to be a solid adventure game with an engaging storyline to it and soldi combat with some amazing flight sequences.

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