Mexicola1984- Interview


Hey Mexicola,hows things?

Things are good, just literally in the process of making my healthy dinner consisting of four Turkey Drummer sandwiches!
I know you love Trials HD,so whats so great about it?

The fact that it builds you up so quick in the first few sets of tracks then the difficulty ramps up and your left crying in the corner because you cant get over some stupid barrels or make a jump, coupled with the track editor and trying to beat your friends times, its a must buy game.
What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Mass Effect 2 just because it will be amazing and i cant wait to continue the story. There is a new Thief game coming out, loved the originals so will be picking this one up aswell. Others including Bioshock 2, Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2 and Brink. I think its going to be a good little year for gaming.
Whats your views on the whole “casual vs hardcore gamer” debate?

Its all a bit odd, people are just gamers to me. But yet people talk down to others just because of the games they play and they say that casual gamers are ruining the Xbox360… they have sole ownership of it. Games should be enjoyed by everyone and if that means easier games and Natal then so be it. There will still be the Halo’s and CODs in this world
Any thoughts on Natal?

I think its a good idea but tis not something that interests me at all, i likes my control pad!
Whats the greatest game ever?

Golden Eye or Total Annhiliation
And the very worst?

Rogue Warrior was pretty shit
How much have you spent on your avatar? c’mon be honest now.

Nothing at all. I dont have a light saber in real life so i dont see why he should.
What game has gotten you so frustrated that you have thrown your controller through a window?

Trials HD and when i was younger trying to complete The Star Road on Mario World for the Super Nintendo ended up in controller bouncing off the television, went back to it a few years ago and did it first time (go me)
Gaming snacks?

Sausage rolls, Asda cola, skittles and some nice ale.
What do you think of the Xbox Live community as a whole?

Its ok, although more and more often im having to mute entire lobbies of games now, sometimes its like being back at primary school but thankfully due to the forum i have a good set off folk to game with so its not all bad.

I wish i had mooched over to the forum when i first got my Xbox in all honesty as it would of made playing on Live more enjoyable.
If you had to pick between your Xbox 360 and your wife,which would you choose? dont worry,I’m almost certain she won’t read this.

See i was certain she wouldnt see that i called her a dragon and some one grassed me up for that so im going too say the missus but she lets me on the Xbox anyways so it works out well in the end.
Final Question,why did you choose the name “Mexicola1984”? is the name of one of my fave songs by the bestest band ever, Queens Of The Stone Age (im a bit obsessed) and 1984 is the year i was spawned

Thanks for your time.

No worries

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