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Hi Reina,how are you?

Other than really, really, really cold, I’m alright.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hmm, only a little. I’m 30, been gaming since 1984 when my legs could barely reach the floor when I sat in the computer chair at school at that time, I tend to play any genre and game as long as it’s good fun and I’ve played so many games over the years that I lost count in the 90s.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Not sure really, Mass Effect 2 is looking promising as is Lego Harry Potter. I try not to get excited for games because there’s always something even better just around the corner, and at the end of the day it’s only a game.

Do you think girl gamers are under-represented in gaming?

Very much so, although gaming is still marketed at males, female gamers are becoming more common place. Though it’s understandable that many female gamers tend to be quiet due to the pestering they get and mistreatment from prats who have problems with female gamers.

Whats the most underrated Xbox 360 game and why?I would have to say Banjo Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts, as well as Viva Pinata, both games are excellent and a lot of fun to play. But due to their cute and colourful visuals, then they’re pretty much ignored for not being gritty, realistic and violent.
It’s a shame because they’re wonderful games.

Whats your thoughts on the Xbox community as a whole?

Hmm, mixed I would say. While there are some fine people in it, there are also prats who hate anyone who doesn’t like the same games as them, who are rude, foul mouthed and need a good clip round the ear with a baseball bat.
But there are some fine people amongst the X-Box community, just wise to be armed in case of trolls.
Games recieve alot of flak from newspapers etc do you think much of it is deserved?

It depends. The media has always had a hatred towards video games due to those who don’t game not understanding video games as a whole.
They tend to see the market as something for kids and any notion that it’s become something for adults offends them, also the media loves to declare anything as evil if they don’t get bribed to say otherwise.
Goes to show that unless money is involved, the hypocrites will come out of the woodwork to talk about something they know nothing about.

Whats your take on gamers playing games rated at a higher age than they are?

I think it’s a case of parents not taking the time to raise their kids, nor paying attention to how gaming has evolved over the past two decades from being aimed at kids to being something aimed at all age groups.
When I was the age that many kids today are who are playing games like GTA and COD, I was never allowed to play nor see anything that was age rated for adults because my parents felt I needed to learn about life first and to know the fine line between reality and fiction and right and wrong, I never got to play my first adult rated game till I was 17 and had proven that I was mature enough to not copy anything from the game, that game was Eternal Champions on the Mega Drive, fun game, but tacky.

I feel that if the game is age rated for adults, then it should be sold only to adults and any parents who are buying those games for their kids should be sent off for parenting sessions, even with violence and other adult things being shown to kids much earlier in life these days, kids shouldn’t be playing games that they aren’t mature enough to handle in terms of content.

Do you think the Xbox 360 would be capable of becoming something like Skynet from the Terminator films and wiping out humanity,or am I just being paranoid?

It might happen, Windows is already capable of being evil by crashing when you’re busy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the 360 or some later Microsoft console will have an operating system that’s so evil that it likes to crash the instant you’ve progressed far in a game and haven’t saved yet.
Cue the much whining and crying on the forums.

What has been gamings most shameful moment?

Hmm. I would have to say the current dumbing down to cater for the casual kind of gamers, those who want to be held by the hand all the way through the game, to pretty much have it done for them.

Do you think games really are responsible for causing crimes,murders etc?

No. Humans are naturally violent, it takes self control to keep that violent urge under control, those who can’t are regarded as insane. Video games are only an interactive medium, it’s the person who defines themselves, not the game.
If the person can’t control the primal urge to kill, then that urge becomes stronger and anything can set them off.

You’ve become highly respected and well liked on,whats your take on it’s community?

It’s an interesting community, so many gamers of various ages, though it would be nice if the random trolls could be shot. Would gladly do so myself if I could take a gun from Fallout 3 and use it, or a phaser and just vaporise them.
A little more respect from the younger members towards us older gamers would be nice, always respect your elders.

Have you ever considered trying to build a time machine from parts found in your Xbox 360?

Naw, there’s a line from a Star Trek book I read a decade ago which I feel fits time travel – Kirk’s First Rule of Time Travel: DON’T!

any last words or thoughts you would like to share?

Win, lose, whatever, just do the best you can and let your own feelings dictate your gaming. After all it’s only a hobby, not the by all and end all of life. Just have fun.

Thanks for your time!

No Problem.

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