Hey TimmyTenga,hows things?

They are very good at the moment! Got plenty of games to keep me occupied and it’s snowing! What more could I ask for?

I believe you run a gaming website called GameAttic, can you tell us a bit about it?

Hah! I’d be lying if I said I ran it but I am co-editor there, yeah. It’s a site set up to basically provide news and reviews to all in the UK. At the moment we’re totally focused on Xbox stuff ‘n things but one day that may change! It’s also pretty heavily community-based so if you’ve got a review or article you want posting, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

/shameless advertising in interview

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010 and why?

The big ones really. Crackdown 2 and its 4 player co-op will be ridiculous fun (hopefully) and then we have the likes of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which are almost guaranteed to be awesome. I’m also looking forward to Fable III so hopefully we’ll hear more about that sometime soon.

There are a few biggies I’m not really hyped for though. Halo: Reach (please don’t eat me) is a bit ‘meh’ for me at the moment although I’m sure Bungie’s advertising will work its magic again. Mass Effect 2 is the other. I’m not a huge RPG fan …

Whats your thoughts on Natal?

It could be good and work well or it could be total rubbish. We’ll have to wait and see but I’ll probably end up with one regardless.

Who would win a fight between Marcus Fenix and Master Chief?

Master Chief hands down. Regenerating shields and the strength to flip tanks win it for him. He could squish Marcus Fenix with his little finger.

What game have played the most?

Ever? That one’s between GTA III or Pokemon Silver. On the 360 it’s Call of Duty 4 or GTA IV.

Whats the best game ever?

That’s a tough one. I have a few contenders but there’s no way I could pick one.

-FIFA 98
-Pokemon Yellow
-Battlefield 2
-GTA: Vice City
-Super Mario 64

and the worst?

The one that sticks out as truly and biblically awful is Warriors Orotchi. It’s so bad I can’t even remember if I’ve spelled it right.

Do you think too much hype can ruin a game?

Not so much ruin it, but make it seem a bit underwhelming. It’s a fine line between getting sales and not disappointing. Fable II was crazily over-hyped, for me anyway.

If you could pick one game developer to take control of,which company would it be and why?

EA DICE. Every single last one of their games has been awesome!
(Even Barbie Groovy Games and JumpStart Safari Wildlife Fieldtrip)

Do you think the Xbox 360 will ever evolve to the point of sending machines back in time to wipe us all out?

It could do, but surely if it went back in time to wipe us out, we’d already be dead? ..But if we are dead who would they wipe out? Oooh! Time is funny thing!

The final Question,are you Major Nelson in disguise?

It wouldn’t be a convincing disguise if I admitted it.. No comment.

Thanks for your time Timmy.


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