Writers wanted.

As you might expect the title says it all really.

How would you like to try your hand at writing reviews?
Or hunting down gaming news?

Well I am looking for some extra writers for the blog,this would be a freelance job which means no pay.

However all writing is at your liesure and there is no set amount of reviews/news that you have to write per month,though I would expect at least 1 review every 1-2 weeks and if you want to write news then I would be looking for around 2 or 3 news posts a week.

So how do you apply?

Simple,if you want to write reviews for the site:

Write a sample review of any game you want,it can be old or new just so long as it’s a full review.
So what am I looking for in the review?

  • Good review length and detail.No set word amount but I wil be looking for a good sized and detailed review.
  • Fairness: this is very important,always look for  a games good points AND actively look for flaws.Ecspecially if you love the game,that way the review will be fairer.
  • Unbiased: Try to look at the objectively,dont give it a high score just because it has Halo or Call of Duty in the title.
  • Flow: this is hard to describe,but flow is all about how the words combine together to create a review that is nice to read.
  • Dont just list the games features etc a review is about you opinion,so put yourself into it.

Send your reviews to the email address in the Contact tab (top of the page)

If you want to be a news hunter then that means having to search through alot of gaming sites look for the brand new news.
DO NOT copy and past from other sites.

Same as the reviews,if you want to apply write a few news articles on some gaming news from the past few weeks.

So whether your already a reviewer and just want some to do some more writing or if your brand new and want to try your hand feel free to apply.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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