x blamy x-Interview


Hi Blamy,hows life treating you?
life is pretty damn good at the moment, got no complaints

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

aliens versus predator looks pretty good (hopefully L4D3 will be announced

It’s the question I have to ask,whats the greatest game ever?

left 4 dead, without a doubt – PEEEEEEEEEELZ

and the worst?

the golden compass

Got any thoughts on Natal?
looks like it could be worth a few cheap laughs, but probably not something i’ll take too seriously..may buy it after its been reduced in price

Do you think we will eventually control games with our minds?

there might be some aspects of mind control appearing in the not so near future…like consoles being able to detect fear, happiness or arousal and thusfore changing the consequence of the game. but i wouldnt like game companies going anywhere near my dirty thoughts

What game do you “pwn” at?

left 4 dead 1 & 2

and what game do you get “pwned” on?

modern warfare 2

When your using a wireless controller,why do the batteries always die at exactly the wrong moment?
because of sods law
Was 2009 a good year for gaming?
it was a pretty decent year; but 2010 looks much better

New Year resolutions?
spend less money on useless crap and more money on games.
and become more mature (got a long way to go)

Whats your thoughts on the whole Xbox 360 vs PS3 argument?
meh; both consoles are great and have their ups and downs. the whole ‘argument’ is ridiculous (arent we all just gamers afterall)

The final question,if god exists,does he play the Xbox 360?

hmm, sure would explain why so many of peoples prayers go un-answered (im an atheis)

Thanks for your time Blamy

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