A Sinister Duck-Interview


It has to be asked,are you in face a sinister,evil,red eyed duck?

Of course, why else would I chose this gamertag…

Whats your first name? no need for a second name as we shall respect your privacy,sort of…..

That would be Steve, quite a few friends here call me by my name anyway, either that or Duck or Sinister. I also get the occasional “Ducky” *angry face*

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Im a 2nd year student studying Economics and Finance, work part time at a small shop and support Liverpool FC (not the best season so far but we’ll get there!). I get lots of free time to play xbox and when im not online im usually in town or playing poker lol.

I see your an Xbox Ambassador,can you tell us a bit about what that is?

Basically we provide a friendly face to newcomers on LIVE. It can be a daunting thing when you first connect your xbox to the internet and play a game online. We try and introduce them to a pleasant gaming environment and also help answer any questions they may have to do with the xbox or networking etc. The programme is currently undergoing a big overhaul under the new community manager DMZilla. You can find out about the programme and apply by following the link here.

Do you think Ambassadors need to become more widely known?  many people I know do not know what an Ambassador is.

Yes! But under the new leadership of DMZilla im sure the programme will be more widely advertised, there are already things in the pipeline.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Not that many surprisingly. It will be interesting to see in the new Bad Company has improved the first, im only half way through Batman: AA at the moment but in sure the ending will make me look forward to the sequel. Then later in the year comes Reach and the latest Treyarch CoD, im uncertain about both but hopefully both developers will do a good job.

Should parents take more interest in gaming to help stop children buy 18+ games?

Ive not got a problem with children actually playing 18 games, its when they start talking crap ingame that I wish parents had some more control.

Whats your fondest gaming moment?

Winning a 4v4 CoD4 tourney in early 08 after going 6-2 down and coming back to win it.

How long have you been gaming?

Hard to put a figure on it but the N64 was my first console. Good ol’ Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64.

Whats the best game ever and why?

You expect me to answer that?!? Too many to mention but contenders include GTA:SA, Halo:CE and CoD4.

Whats your thoughts on the Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” level?

Just another level to me, killing pixels does not make someone a terrorist.

Is Natal really the future of gaming?

Not for me, its more of a casual thing. Im sure Microsoft will hype it up and it will take some market share from the Wii but you cant beat a controller.

Are we in danger of Xbox 360 becoming our masters and enslaving the entire human race?

No… *uncertain face*

if that does happen,any advice on how to survive?

Find John Connor.

Why do red barrels always explode when there shot?

Would a green barrel have the same effect? Yes, I answered your question with a question. Bite me.

What underrated gem of a game on the Xbox could you recommend?

Quantum of Solace, great game.

Thanks for your time Sinister Duck!

No problem, shall we just call it a tenner?


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