Hi FatMond, how are you?

I’ve been better. Job hunting is never fun and times are hard, I could go on but I’m sure everyone is aware of the situation this country is in and frankly, nobody wants to hear about it!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 28, I live south London and support Fulham FC, I work in the film business and I like long country walks and cosy nights by the fire. WLTM SWF for…..This has gone off track a bit…

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Oh dear, there’s just so many. Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, Bayonetta, Alan Wake, BF:BC2, Bioshock 2, CoD as usual, Halo: Reach, there’s plenty more but those are the biggies. I’ve got a load of stuff left from last year too, I haven’t played Dragon Age and Assassin’s Creed 2 yet!

What’s your take on the “Xbox 360 vs PS3” arguments?

Total bollocks. They’re both great consoles, apparently, I’ve not played the PS3, although I did pick up the controller and I didn’t like it. They both have their pros and cons, neither are faultless but both are excellent machines, the fact that some people can actually take the side of one of the giants that produce the two and defend them so vehemently amazes me constantly, it’s ridiculous.

Do you think gamers are still seen as spotty teenagers in a dark room?

Yeah, by some. The same people that think all football fans are hooligans and all women can’t drive. Idiots basically. The stigma attached to being a gamer has changed so much over the last few years, look what a sociable thing XBOX is today, I can happily sit in a party with 7 friends, all doing different things, just having a chat, for hours! I doubt that most people without a 360 can boast that they have that much contact with friends every night of the week. The days of gamers being spotty, teenagers, loners, in dark rooms, cracking one off over Lara Croft are well over. Well, they still exist obviously but they’re in the minority and they’re hilarious.

Natal is an interesting piece of tech,but do you see any real future in it?

I’m very excited about the tech, I’m a massive geek so any new technology is interesting. As for it having a future, it’s entirely down to the games, these type of peripherals never get the support and ultimately fail because of it. Microsoft seem to be putting a considerable amount of resources into it though so we’ll have to wait and see, that’s usually the best way, just see what happens, no point dismissing it just yet

Will they ever create a Collectors Edition that does not break your disc when you try to take it out?

I’ve honestly never bought a collectors edition but don’t get me started on bad packaging.

What is the greatest game ever and why?

GTA: San Andreas, it just had everything, the soundtrack alone was a work of art. It’s very close between that and Half-Life though, when I first saw that I was absolutely stunned by the quality of it, Valve are a true great.

and the worst?

The worst recent game I can think of was Phantasy Star Universe. I rarely give up on games but I just couldn’t face it after a few hours. The cutscenes were good though.

Do you think games are heading towards “realistic” too much?

I’m quite happy for graphics to keep getting more and more realistic, there will still always be things like Viva Pinata and the point & click adventures to keep the balance so it’s all good. All the furore surrounding ‘No Russian’ and MW2 being “too realistic” had me in stitches, it’s a f*****g computer game!

Do you think storytelling in games is beggining to mature and show signs of becoming a true storytelling media?

It has been for a good while and it’s emerging as such, more and more so, by the year. The cinema these days, on the whole, is really, really bad. Re-hashes of 15 years old toys, cartoons, comics or even, and this is funny, computer games! I can pay £30 for something like Borderlands and keep myself amused for 60 hours+, or I can pay £13 to go and see a mediocre film at a London cinema for an hour and a half, having my chair kicked by some little *** who more than likely has a knife so I can’t even tell him to **** off. Games like Mass Effect, Bioshock and CoD4 have shown us just how good storytelling  and atmosphere can be nowadays, the bar has been raised and it’s my favourite form of media by a mile. The new wave of high budget, American TV shows comes a close second but that’s another thing altogether!

Did Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 live up to it’s hype?

No, it was never going to. It’s a fantastic game but the with the amount of expectation that was built up it was always going to fall short.

Why the name “Fatmond”?

My first name is Jazz, that became “Jazzmond” at school, somewhere the first part got lost and some genius started calling me fat because they knew it wound me up. For the record, I’m not remotely fat, I’m actually pretty toned!

Whats your thoughts on the Xbox community as a whole?

It’s not great. Unfortunately there are just too many idiots. Racists, squeekers, smack talkers, trouble makers, glitchers. Don’t get me wrong, there are good people too but they’re outweighed by morons, a blanket statement for the planet if you like!

And how about

It’s aces! I’ve met lots of great folk through BotS and had some random FRs from people who share the same views or just think we’d get along. It’s a shame that so many people who come into the UK forums feel the need to constantly bash Microsoft just for the hell of it, you know my thoughts on the whole PS3 Vs XBOX thing and there will always be trolls, overall it’s a great community though.

Any chance of giving Wolfs Gaming Blog a free game?

Have you played Viking: Battle for Asguard? I’ll stick that in the post for you when I’m done if you like? Might be a while though, I hang onto games for ages, consider it a thank you for doing something nice for the community!
That was a trick question but WOW! being nice really does pay off,who knew?

If there really is an outbreak of Zombies,do you have any advice to share?

Headshots, always go for the headshot.

any last words before you go?

Props to anyone who reads this whole interview, I told you I might go on a bit. Good luck with the site!

Also, inb4 “cool story bro” and “tl;dr”.

Thanks for your time Fatmond!


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